Interview with The Atom Age!

I got the chance to sit down with Ryan and Peter (and John near the end!) of The Atom Age before their show at the Bovine this past week... check it out!

Interview With Mythosis!

I e-conversed with a friend of mine who e-conversed with Marc Rybicki, bassist of Mythosis (Montreal metal!) recently for an interview, CHECK IT OUT!

Interview with Adam Fletcher of The Copyrights!

Julian, Alyssa and I sat down with Adam Fletcher at their Swingin' Utters show the other night for an interview... check it skanks!

Interview with THE SUBHUMANS (Vancouver)

Interview with my hometown boys, Gentlemen Husbands!

Okay now this is pretty awesome.
One day I'm cooping in Ryan Hutcheson's grade 9 math class (I was in grade 11) and now here I am interviewing him and his band, who is HUGE and from mother fucking Cobourg. Figure that one out!
Check out my interview with Gentlemen Husbands below!

Blacklist Royals Interview

Here's my interview with Blacklist Royals. I really hate that I had to put audio up because I can't stant hearing my voice or the way I talk and it's super embarrassing... I don't do interviews in person usually either and it totally shows... eek... whatever, don't listen to me, listen to the band. They were too hilarious to put into typed words, not to mention there were like 5 of them talking all at once and at almost half an hour it would be Christmas before I finished translating it to paper.

Interview with Rob from Strung Out!

Shit Yeah!
Julian again took time to do me a huge favour and meet with Rob of Strung Out for a quickie before their show at Phoenix with Rufio! WHUT WHUT!
Thanks again to Rob and Melanie Kaye for hooking this up, and especially Julian for being awesome and helping me out!

Interview with the Mother Fucking Flatliners!

Yeah that's right, bitch.
Julian from The Johnstones took a few seconds out of his busy World of Warcraft schedule to call up Chris from The Flatliners and do a phone interview with a bunch of questions I prepared (and a few of his own!) I'm pretty stoked on this one, I fucking love this band. Like a lot.


If you hit up Warped Tour this year you may have caught Far From Finished, a sick punk rock band from Boston.
Musicsheblogged caught up with them online after the tour to ask a few questions and help all you assholes and myself get to know them better! Check it:

Interview with WEATHERSTAR!!

If you don't know who Weatherstar is yet I'll do you a favour and post their myspace biography so you can familiarize yourself. To listen just visit said myspace.


Julian Warme from The Johnstones got the best birthday present ever from me this year: An interview with John K. Sampson, lead singer/guitarist of The Weakerthans. He fought with the stupid fucking TTC and LRT to make it to their show at The Legendary Red Dog (love that place, thank you to Mike Stone for being superbadass and the best bar owner ever!) Peterborough just in time to sit down with John and chat before their wicked performance!

Interview With Grand Scale!

Whut whut!
This interview actually somewhat worked out.
Maybe because we filmed it a couple times over to make sure we could get something out of it!
I'm going to be honest, we drank a fucking lot. It gets a bit messy. The camera man (Chris) and I were already quite tipsy by the time we got there, so it's slightly shaky and I'm not in most of it, except when totally blitzed...
I edited it myself, hence why it's so shoddily done... I have absolutely no experience so deal with it.
We used two separate cameras and the difference is obvious... oops :)

Julian from The Johnstones Interviews FROM ASHES RISE!

Back on March 13th, my girl and I had the pleasure of travelling to Montreal to see one of our fav fucking hardcore bands of all time, From Ashes Rise! What was even cooler is that I managed to score an interview, in fact the FIRST REAL INTERVIEW since they got back together! The ride up to Montreal was in a packed smelly 15 seater van, I was wasted on the way up and drank beers in the back. What a great start to a wicked intense weekend. The show itself was fucking so intense. Most violent show I have ever been to, hands down. The venue was a converted old small warehouse, that 5 dudes from Montreal live in. They had a little bar, with 2 St Ambroise for 5$, OR you could just BYOB. Smoking inside or out, tiny room, tiny stage. It reminded me of the kinds of shows you see in movies, it was that intense. Every band was loud as FUCK, some better than others, but none got the crowd moving like FAR. The entire floor was a pit. I hadn't moshed or anything like that in YEARS, as my old bones are getting brittle, and most pits kinda suck nowadays anyways. THIS PIT, holy fuck, was it ever awesome. The entire floor was moshing, so intense and unreal. We muscled our way to the front, cause we saw people rushing the stage and knocking into the microphones. Forming a human shield was kinda difficult, because everyone was a lot bigger than we are. But we did our best. My girl managed to get booted in the head about 10 times by some skinhead crowd surfing (by the way dude if you're reading this, you're a fucktard. go die in a hole somewhere, crowd surfing's for pop shows you fuckass. je vais fourer ta blonde entre ses sains, tapete) and managed to get a concussion. Regardless of that, we both agree it was the BEST fucking show EVER. Never had I felt more raw energy coming from a few guitar amps. Met some really nice straight edge dudes there too (mad respect) and yeah. Overall it was fucking rad. It again proved to me though that grindcore music is fucking lame. where's the melody? where's the beat?! there is none! fuck off!

Patrick Pedraja from Driving For Donors takes some time to answer a few questions!!


I was 10 when I was diagnosed with Leukemia and 11 years old when I came up with the idea to do a marrow drive, which turned into a national marrow drive!

Driving For Donors educates people about the need for marrow donors and holds marrow drives to add donors to the National Marrow Registry which is HYPERLINK ""
We have travelled around the country for 2 years in our special donormobile holding marrow drives. Unfortunately, we have to give our RV back to the dealership because it was just on loan so now we have to figure out a way to keep our work going.

Stereo Skyline INTERVIEW WIN!

Stereo Skyline, the pop punk trio from New York, took a few seconds off from the Take Action Tour (in Toronto tonight at the Phoenix... sold out suckers :P) recently to answer a few questions for the first ever interview that didn't die... muahahaha! Enjoy :) Check them out on their myspace here!

Moneen Interview FAIL

So there's something you may not know about me. I have the worst luck ever. Not fully though, I'm more like break even Jerry Seinfeld but to the extreme. I will have abnormally good luck (landing Moneen as my first interview) and then everything will just go as wrong as it possibly can (our only camera of the 2 with audio ended up choosing now of all times to crap out and chew up the entire tape.) But not all is lost, I always end up getting something for free immediately after as a peace offering from the universe (tickets to Protest The Hero).