Stereo Skyline INTERVIEW WIN!

Stereo Skyline, the pop punk trio from New York, took a few seconds off from the Take Action Tour (in Toronto tonight at the Phoenix... sold out suckers :P) recently to answer a few questions for the first ever interview that didn't die... muahahaha! Enjoy :) Check them out on their myspace here!

How old are you guys? 
Kevin is 19, Brian is 19 and Rob is 19 and as a band we have been together for about one year

Is it just the three of you in the band? 
Yes for now, our fourth member usually floats around, we haven't found the perfect fit just yet but for now we tour with an awesome live guitar player

Tell me about yourselves! 
We are a band called Stereo Skyline, we are from Long Island New York and we love what we do!

Who is your favorite artist or band of the moment?
My favorite artist/band at the moment is actually the temptations, im a big fan of good pop music and they did it the best

Who is your least favorite? 
My least favorite artist is McFly but ONLY because they never tour in america, so i never get the chance to see one of my favorite bands play live

Who are some of your influences as a band?
Influences are hard to pin point but if i had to say, id go with anything from the temptations and all that sixty's pop music, up to jason derulo who's on z100 every time i turn on the radio

You guys have played the Bamboozle festival a couple times now, what are some of your favourite moments from the tour?
Bamboozle has been very important to us for many reasons, it's very close to home so the crowd we have is usualy a group of faces we have been seeing for a long time, along with new ones of course. We always say Bamboozle in interviews as the best show we have ever played, as a group the first show we played together was bamboozle left acoustic, than first full band show we played was Bamboozle and it was an incredible experience, more people showed up to our stage than we could have ever expected and we hope to get to play the festival again every year its possible!

Do any moments stand out in your head in a bad way? 
Yeah some crazy woman saw me standing backstage watching taking back sunday and had a dozen rozes and was screaming at me from the fence to "please give these to adam lazara" please please please, and security told me to not go near her, it was a weird situation

Do you look up to bands like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New because of the Long Island connection?
Yes and No, of course we do because they are bands that i think anybody playing music has looked up to no matter where you are from, but at the same time they were way older than us, so we never got the chance to do shows with them in our home towns or anything cool like that, but maybe one day

How do you deal with bad press? Do you read reviews?  
Yeah we see all the band reviews, but we are usually pretty good at dealing with them i think, were a pretty confident band and band reviews are going to happen but we just forget them as quick as we can read/hear them

Do fans bring you crazy shit at your shows?
Sometimes, actually all the time. For some reason our fans seem to love to bring us custom build a bears, we don't know where or why this trend started, but we have an army of them now, close to fifty bears all dressed and named differently, and we now seem to embrace it so bring them on! We have also gotten seinfeld triva games and season dvd's and cookies and other good foods

What do you hope they will bring? 
Rob loves cookies, Brian loves candy, and I love Smart water, but we also like cool gifts that somehow relate to where we are, it gives us something to do while we are there!

Do your hands ever get tired of clapping? Never