Julian from The Johnstones Interviews FROM ASHES RISE!

Back on March 13th, my girl and I had the pleasure of travelling to Montreal to see one of our fav fucking hardcore bands of all time, From Ashes Rise! What was even cooler is that I managed to score an interview, in fact the FIRST REAL INTERVIEW since they got back together! The ride up to Montreal was in a packed smelly 15 seater van, I was wasted on the way up and drank beers in the back. What a great start to a wicked intense weekend. The show itself was fucking so intense. Most violent show I have ever been to, hands down. The venue was a converted old small warehouse, that 5 dudes from Montreal live in. They had a little bar, with 2 St Ambroise for 5$, OR you could just BYOB. Smoking inside or out, tiny room, tiny stage. It reminded me of the kinds of shows you see in movies, it was that intense. Every band was loud as FUCK, some better than others, but none got the crowd moving like FAR. The entire floor was a pit. I hadn't moshed or anything like that in YEARS, as my old bones are getting brittle, and most pits kinda suck nowadays anyways. THIS PIT, holy fuck, was it ever awesome. The entire floor was moshing, so intense and unreal. We muscled our way to the front, cause we saw people rushing the stage and knocking into the microphones. Forming a human shield was kinda difficult, because everyone was a lot bigger than we are. But we did our best. My girl managed to get booted in the head about 10 times by some skinhead crowd surfing (by the way dude if you're reading this, you're a fucktard. go die in a hole somewhere, crowd surfing's for pop shows you fuckass. je vais fourer ta blonde entre ses sains, tapete) and managed to get a concussion. Regardless of that, we both agree it was the BEST fucking show EVER. Never had I felt more raw energy coming from a few guitar amps. Met some really nice straight edge dudes there too (mad respect) and yeah. Overall it was fucking rad. It again proved to me though that grindcore music is fucking lame. where's the melody? where's the beat?! there is none! fuck off!