An interview with Toronto's own BRAVESTATION!

Who is Bravestation?
Devin, Jeremy, Andrew, Derek.

You started out as a school project?
Our 2009 Debut EP was recorded as part of an end of semester engineering/producing demo project - Andrew joined the band during these sessions after starting out solely as engineer.

What sort of musical background is behind each member?
We're all self-taught musicians, no 'formal' training or piano lessons here.

What type of music/bands do each of you listen to and find inspiration from separately?
You’ve been compared to bands such as Wolf Parade, The National, and Foals…are these your influences for what you do, or do any of you not really listen to them?

We're inspired by so many different bands, but I would definitely put Wolf Parade and Foals amongst our favorites The new National album isn't to shabby either!

What’s the best description of your music that you’ve heard so far?
This one's sort of neat: "Whether it's new wave, post punk, or art punk, the band displays their aptitude for seamlessly joining different styles into one agreeable mix, sounding like a cross between Wolf Parade, Yeasayer, and Talking Heads." A lot of people have written some really thoughtful/insightful words about our music, it's always enjoyable reading the different perspectives people offer on our sound.

Why do you think your band has the ability to draw in somebody like me who listens to none of those comparisons, but still absolutely loves your music?
We're trying to make music that's accessible but finds that elusive realm between underground and mainstream. We want to create melodic hooks but at the same time retain a sense of edginess.

Why title the EP simply 2010 EP?
We didn't want to add an arbitrary title to to a collection of songs that each have their own personality and identity. We wanted to highlight our band name and the song titles because those are more meaningful to us than some all-encompassing album name.

Are you planning on a full length or do you find it easier to release a couple EP’s instead?
We'll likely continue to make EPs - I think it allows for a continuous stream of music and lends itself to developing new directions and creative approaches with each new record.

You got burned for the grammar in “Their Calling” in one review of your EP, set the record straight: Was this on purpose and why?
(it’s funny because in the review I wrote for your show I made a huge grammatical typo placing ‘they’re’ instead of ‘their’… which just for the record wasn’t on purpose and wasn’t to make fun!)

We consciously made the distinction between "They're calling" in the lyrics, and "Their Calling" in the title; it refers to possession. How can we fault Matthew though with the way he finished that blog post!

There’s a softness to the band in general that, I feel, instantly bonds the audience to you at your shows… where do you think it comes from? It’s such a non threatening attitude from you guys on stage but at the same time it feels like you have all been doing this for years when you’ve really only played a handful of shows.
I think we are just taken back by the amount of support we have when we play shows. It humbles you when people go out of their way to get behind what you are doing with true enthusiasm. There is no reason for us to act any other way really. It could also be attributed to the fact that we're writing pop!

What’s it like working with brothers? Do you guys have any like crazy intuitive’ness between the two of you? Do you fight a lot or at all?
haha we argue on occasion, but it's nice that we can be extremely direct and honest with each other without hurting anyone's feelings. We have a similar taste with respect to music and creative vision, so that helps in the writing process as well.

I haven’t really read anything negative towards your latest EP which is awesome, aside from calling you out on the non creative title and grammar… Have you received any other negative feedback yet? And how do you deal with it?
When you put your music out their for criticism you have to accept it and/or ignore it - but it's one person's opinion, I've read a lot of negative reviews that I don't agree with about records that I love. We're thrilled that the response to our 2010 EP has been positive so far and appreciate anyone taking the time to listen to the record and write about it - it's no easy feat describing sound with words!

Why did you decide to give away your album free on bandcamp? The record labels are all pissed right now because music is being found for free and they aren't making money, but all bands that aren't Nickelback types now seem to be the ones choosing to offer their music for free and want it shared.. Why is that?
We don't expect people to pay for our music if they'd prefer not too - rather we want to ensure that they'll listen. We want Bravestation to be accessible, with the hope that people will support us by coming out to our shows or telling their friends if they identify with our sound. The industry has changed, you have to find new and creative ways to monetize - but if no one's heard your music then that possibility certainly won't exist.
Grab the record here!

Describe the song writing process and each member’s part in it?
It starts with an idea (a chord progression, a riff etc.) - then we build/sculpt it from there with multi-instrumentation. It's a collaborative effort where everyone has input.

You like to keep your lyrics ambiguous and open for interpretation, but is there actually a real meaning behind it that means something to you guys or is it actually just nonsense?
Every lyric that we write has meaning to us - but when you start trying to delineate lyrics and what they represent they start to lose their inherent magic. So to that extent, yes, we like to keep them ambiguous and open for interpretation so people can use their imagination.

How the hell do you have UK management already?
Nick approached us early on and was really enthusiastic about our sound and working with us to promote the 2010 EP - we had an instant connection and he's been our secret weapon ever since ;)