Interview with Adam Fletcher of The Copyrights!

Julian, Alyssa and I sat down with Adam Fletcher at their Swingin' Utters show the other night for an interview... check it skanks!

Interview with THE SUBHUMANS (Vancouver)

Interview with my hometown boys, Gentlemen Husbands!

Okay now this is pretty awesome.
One day I'm cooping in Ryan Hutcheson's grade 9 math class (I was in grade 11) and now here I am interviewing him and his band, who is HUGE and from mother fucking Cobourg. Figure that one out!
Check out my interview with Gentlemen Husbands below!

Blacklist Royals Interview

Here's my interview with Blacklist Royals. I really hate that I had to put audio up because I can't stant hearing my voice or the way I talk and it's super embarrassing... I don't do interviews in person usually either and it totally shows... eek... whatever, don't listen to me, listen to the band. They were too hilarious to put into typed words, not to mention there were like 5 of them talking all at once and at almost half an hour it would be Christmas before I finished translating it to paper.

Interview with Rob from Strung Out!

Shit Yeah!
Julian again took time to do me a huge favour and meet with Rob of Strung Out for a quickie before their show at Phoenix with Rufio! WHUT WHUT!
Thanks again to Rob and Melanie Kaye for hooking this up, and especially Julian for being awesome and helping me out!

Interview with the Mother Fucking Flatliners!

Yeah that's right, bitch.
Julian from The Johnstones took a few seconds out of his busy World of Warcraft schedule to call up Chris from The Flatliners and do a phone interview with a bunch of questions I prepared (and a few of his own!) I'm pretty stoked on this one, I fucking love this band. Like a lot.