Interview with Andrew from Stuck On Planet Earth (SOPE) !!!

Who the hell are you?
I am Andrew, drummer of Stuck On Planet Earth, creator of noise, savior of the universe.

What would you say is the perfect description of your music?
Well, you pretty much nailed in your blog about us. We are a 3 piece rock band influenced by grunge music, progressive tones and uncompromising rhythm. 'Just 3 mates who love to jam.

Do you all have the same musical tastes or does it vary?
I don't think any two people have the exact same musical taste but with that said, we have our discography swaps. I think in times like these where there is so much music, it's hard to stick to one thing and love it forever. As we mature, so does our musical taste and as a result, our sound.

Who are your biggest influences?
People like Jojo Mayer, Aston Barrett, Howlin' Wolf, KJ Sawka, Dave Grohl, Eon Sinclair, Newton Faulkner, Victor Wooten and Hendrix are just a few people who make me want to continue to do what I'm doing, along with the badass people around me who are making great music.

Why did you decide to do a remix album? It’s not something you see from local rock bands usually.
That's pretty much it. Not many local acts do things like this and we saw it as an opportunity to do something different and show fans of our original music some of those songs under a different light.

Why did you choose to put them out on cassettes too?
We made a mixtape of live, acoustic and remixed tracks and called it Dead Audio as a tribute to a piece of music we hardly ever see anymore. I really love the sound of tape, and cassettes are fucking badass -enough said.

How did you come up with the idea to do the guerilla style school shows?
The BakPak Tour is a way to meet new people, and show that there’s always a way to get your music out there, you just have to hustle. We felt that the best way to get the music to the kids was by going to them, and it worked!

How many times did you get kicked out?
I'd say 90% of the time we got booted, but going to any high school unannounced can be mess. Some kids were definitely more welcoming than others and we had some issues with administration but some schools actually let us play in their school gym and auditoriums.

Are there any funny stories relating to the backpack tour that you can share with us?
Every school had a story.
We went Wilfred Laurier with the intentions of playing our instruments, but it turned out we had to use them as baseball bats for snowballs.
We went to one school and it was a day off that day so we had to rush to Cardinal Carter to play in front of kids with their babies from parenting class.... Which is the weirdest fucking thing ever but that's a sidetrack.
We got chased out of Loreto Abby by Teachers screaming "get out!" and girls screaming "Come back!"
Needless to say, I’d do it again.

How did it feel to finally have a headlining show after all those school gigs?
The headlining show was amazing. We had such a good turn out and so many peeps from the BakPak Tour came out to support which was bad ass and proof that hard work does pay off.

Do you have more fun playing at schools acoustically or on stage?
I can honestly say I had some of the best laughs watching Adam and Al humiliate themselves at times, but it’s nothing like playing a live show. For one, I have my entire drum kit to rock, and the feeling and drive of the music on stage is indescribable.

Are you planning any more bakpak tour shit?
BPT4 will be planned out in the next little while, but we’re revamping it a little. Same idea, different approach.

I hear you had a fan travel all the way from France to see you guys at the Remix release, how does that make you feel?
It was a “trip” to say the very least. She was a fan of our music and has never seen us live so a week prior to the show she decided to come to Toronto and catch it. It was crazy, but respect to her for doing it.

Did you know you had such strong support outside of Ontario?
I know of a few fans out in Western Canada that I met while touring with the Johnstones and a couple people that dig us from Germany, UK and US because of interviews we did for a few radio stations over seas and south of the border but never knew about France!

How much do you think your twitter/facebook/internet savyness has helped you gained fans in this day in music?
Is it absolutely necessary to be all over the internet now?

Web presence is the most important thing for indie bands today. When it comes to distribution and promotion, the internet is the easiest and most effective way to get your music to the people that want to hear it and let them know when they can catch a live show. To contact Adam, Al or myself, it’s as easy as searching our band name, finding us on Facebook and dropping us a line. If you're an indie band you need to be on the internet and get your music to people yourselves because record labels won't put your shit in HMV, and standing on the corner hustling CDs for 5 bucks gets old fast.

How did you hook up with Fil and Matt of Flashlight Brown?
Al actually emailed Fil telling him to check out a show at the 360 and he trekked it out with Matty and the rest is history.

What's it like working with them? Your style of music is a little different from theirs and others they work with so how does that affect the project?
Fil and Matt are amazing producers and song writers so to work with them on any project is amazing. They both come from a punk/ska background, but they understand all kinds of music. Matty is a great lyricist and arranger and Fil knows how to focus the feel of our songs both rhythmically and melodically.
They're two different guys, but they compliment each other so well in the studio.

Stuck On Planet Earth is a great name, even better because it can be shortened to SOPE… has the acronym ever caused confusion?
Some people have trouble understanding what’s going on but that just makes it more fun for us. I still tell people our band is an acronym for “She’s Open Passed Eleven” or “Sad Orphans Pissing Everywhere” just for kicks.

How do you guys stay so grounded doing what you do on stage?
Performing on stage is just one of those feelings that you can’t really explain. It’s amazing, and it’s the reason why we’re in this. When people come out to shows to see us do what we love it’s rewarding. You realize that these people went out of their way to see you and no one else but you so the amount of respect I have to them is endless.

There was no dirt to dig up on you guys, nobody has a bad thing to say about you who knows you and you guys appreciate the support and your fans genuinely… Is it hard not to get a big head while people are flying from country to country to watch you?
I guess that depends on your person. We’re just a band doing what we love to do with the most amazing people supporting us. People who get carried away and egotistical are just shitty and should be booed.

What’s next for SOPE?
We’re hitting the studio soon, getting some new shirt designs, planning more shows and throwing more parties.
We’re busy!
You can check out from time to time to see what’s new and add us on Facebook for updates. Friends are like good times, you can never have enough.