Interview with Comeback Kid's drummer Kyle Profeta

I got a chance to talk to Kyle of Comeback Kid last week before their show with A Wilhelm Scream. ch-ch-check it.

how did you guys hook up with a wilhelm scream for the album?
you know what, that is quite random, we were in the middle of recording, we recorded just outside of toronto and we're good friends with these guys from the past couple years i guess, and umm basically they played a show and we went down to the show and were having beers with them.. i think we all were.. and we were like 'hey nuno, i think we have a part for ya! can you come down tomorrow before you head out of town and lay down some vocals' and he was like 'fuck yeah mann!' so that's how it happened. yeah they were just in town and it lucked out, right around the time that we needed them and it just totally worked out.

is that why the tour came about as well?
no not really it was more that we have just always wanted to tour with them, collectively we all love the band and they're amazing dudes and we really got to know them in australia, we were on that soundwave festival with them and then we just got to know them and we were like 'hey, how do you guys do in canada because we'd love to take you out' and they were like 'lets do it!' yep!

well thank goodness!
yeah man i mean they're one of my favourite bands and like i said favourite dudes as well so they put me in a terrific state of mind! they're 30, i'm 30, it all makes sense!

so you guys are kind of able to bounce back and forth between the more hardcore stuff like playing with Terror, and playing with more poppy/punk type bands like Four Year Strong and Set your Goals, why do you think that is? there are a lot of haters on both sides there but you tend to get out of that unscathed..
ooh, well we all have a wide range of music and influences that we listen to and when it comes down to the writing process it's all very natural… like obviously we have jeremy who really likes to keep things straight up and very hardcore and they got me who grew up listening to punk rock bands and andrew who just listens to anything under the rainbow, and us three are the ones who do the writing, um it's a little bit of a push pull but we all keep each other in the pocket and that's just sort of how it comes about… yeah i don't know if that explains it… and yeah in no way am i talking on anybody because i love all those bands, but for me …. i don't know how to put it ….. you can just tell that when you listen to our music that it's organic, it's natural, it's not like we're hearing this and trying to put out that sort of cookie cut type of idea, yeah i don't know it's always a really relaxing environment when we're working and like i said we kind of just keep each other on point with what we want to do, i guess the ingredients are all there and it comes out sounding … great. *laughs* i mean it's not like here's a punk rock part and here's a crazy metal part with double bass, we just do what we do and it blends great, i guess!

what's the weirdest band that you've been paired with genre-wise?
we've done a lot of diverse tours, ummmm weirdest band… oh my gosh, i mean we've been on tour with hardcore bands metal bands punk bands, i don't know how to answer that because any of the bands that don't sound anything like us somehow it works as a package and they're great bands and i love them so like, i mean any time we go on tour with bands like misery signals or architects or you know bands who are just really chaotic and extremely talented musicians and very good at what they do, but very different to what we do.. it just doesn't make sense but we get on the road together and just that vibe is there, so yeah i don't know!

have you ever played with a band that you absolutely hated?
yes that happens, i'm not going to name any names, but yeah it happens. i never lose any value of respect for any bands but everybody has their own ear and there are certain bands out there that i'm like not into. honestly for me even if i'm on tour with a band and i can't stand their music, if they can get up there and have fun and they can play their instruments and they deserve to be where they are then it's all good in my opinion, doesn't mean that i have to be a fan of it because i'm probably the most judgemental individual on the planet, i try to keep my ears open but sometimes it's hard to peel it back…

well it is our job to keep punk rock elite right?
absolutely! absolutely!

what about personally, ever had any big beef with a band you've toured with?
no, no, i can openly say that and it has to do with the type of dudes we are especially and we just never get caught in positions like that. we've been lucky never to get really caught in positions like that. but yeah it has to do with how we roll, i mean we're very easy going and we get along with anyone… so if someone's being a dick, right whatever, why make drama… but it never happens.

how has the feedback been for the new album?
it's been awesome. we were really excited to get on this tour because we were so excited about the record and were keeping up with the internet and everything to see how the responses have been and it's been great. and the live shows the songs have been translating really well, i mean here or there we've had a couple weird nights where you're like 'oh these kids probably haven't really heard these songs' but the majority of the nights have just been bangers! we really put together a good set a good amount of new songs with the other stuff to keep the energy going and the kids are really enjoying it. this record is definitely something that you have to give a couple of listens if you're an old fan of ours just because we're not 20 years old anymore. we're still doing what we want to do but we've matured, and progressed in a natural way and i think it really shows on this record and yeah.. I THINK IT WILL TAKE A COUPLE LISTENS KIDS, BUT YOU'LL LOVE IT!

i've actually read a lot online about people saying this is your best album yet, do you think this has a lot to do with the fact that andrew isn't trying to be like scott while he's singing anymore, and has kind of found his own mesh?
exactly. exactly. and i think just us in general, i've said this before but the broadcasting record, that was like a feeler for us with this new lineup because it was a big change, and that was a feeler, that was us getting in the groove of each other and this record we just went in there and just how well we executed the songs in the studio and just the vibe that was going on, i just KNEW that we had gelled with this lineup. and especially andrew, he made the biggest step absolutely, he made this record a lot of what it is and we're very happy with it.

do you guys still talk to scott?
absolutely! i think he's coming out tonight actually, he lives here so yeah i know andrew is really close to him and me, when i'm home i'm very busy and i don't really keep in touch but we do keep in touch otherwise, keep each other in the loop… we're definitely not as close as we used to be because we don't live together in a van anymore but andrew pretty much lives out here so he's really tight with him. but yeah we keep in touch, everything's cool, he's doing well and we're doing well, we just want the best for each other.

have any of you guys felt the stress he felt and considered quitting ever?
i can only speak for myself but nope! for me i'm probably the most grounded one out of the band, i mean i have a house and a couple dogs and cats and a very serious girlfriend, and i have a life at home and she's very supportive with it and i just love what i'm doing and i would hate to walk away from this and just be kicking myself in the ass. happiest person in the world right here… might be the coffee though!

haha, now the album was leaked about 6 weeks early, looking back on this now how do you think it affected the album when it was finally released and did it help the live show?
well i don't know about sales and numbers but live yeah! we started playing the song we shot a video for "because of all", we started playing that one live and it was great, kids knew it, yeah the internet is really good for that if you ever want to bust out some new songs before they get released it really helps pave the way for a positive reaction.

were you pissed at the time when it leaked?
no, i mean the support from our fans and the support from everyone comes from people showing up at our shows and obviously buying the record but i mean… *whisper*downloadit*unwhisper* whatever you gotta do, just love the music and show up for the shows and just support us, that's all we care about. we're on the road 10 months of the year so if people stop showing up we can't do it anymore… so i don't care how you get the record just show up at the shows.

so you guys put a 'ripping guitar solo' in "manifest" this album and you don't usually hear that from you, was that jeremy's idea?
i am SO excited that you brought that up!!! we were playing that song live and uh that puts a BIG smile on my face, yes that was a jeremy special and he will be embarrassed from this and he will never admit it but he is SO STOKED he finally got to put a solo on a record and so am i! we've never had something like that before and it was a breath of fresh air in a very quirky manor, it's fun! it's a lot of fun!

why didn't you do it before ever?
it just never came about, jeremy wrote that song and i guess he just had that in mind and he was at the point where he was confident enough at 34 to throw some solo in one of our records and he did it up GnR style and it's great! i love it, i absolutely love it. that's awesome you brought that up! that was the best interview question i've ever been asked, if you look at my face every time we get to that point in that song you will see the delight coming from me and the delight coming from jeremy!

that's one of my favourite parts in that album for sure.
that's awesome, i'll have to tell jeremy you said that, that's great!

so last but not least, how do you guys work around sights and sounds touring?
you know it's never even been a problem! i mean we're understanding and andrew's understanding and it's just always worked out and maybe it's just us doing it but it always works out that nothing overlaps with each other… for example andrew needs i think a month next year where he's gotta do sights and sounds stuff and it lines up with when we want a little bit of time off, so it's just never a problem!