Interview with my hometown boys, Gentlemen Husbands!

Okay now this is pretty awesome.
One day I'm cooping in Ryan Hutcheson's grade 9 math class (I was in grade 11) and now here I am interviewing him and his band, who is HUGE and from mother fucking Cobourg. Figure that one out!
Check out my interview with Gentlemen Husbands below!

Your name is everywhere, how do you think a band like yourself from such a small town get's talked about so much so fast?
Ryan: Hard work, perserverance and luck haha!

How did small town living and Cobourg in general help influence your music?
R: Well we all went to the same highschool and lived close to eachother so I think probably just those freindships and playing together for so many years probably had the greatest influence.

Your were all part of the hardcore/puck scene, how does that add to what you're doing now?
R: Alot people say that we're a folk/rock band with an aggressive edge (that we don't really hear) so there's that and mainly just the experience it brings.. I mean we were playing all over when we were 15/16 and had well over 100 shows under our belts before graduating highschool.

Do you still listen to Hardcore music?
R: Absolutley!

Were you fans of folk in Highschool?
R: No not really at all, Rick was the only one... The rest of us were far to caught up in heavy music and Rick was doing his own solo folk stuff.

Do you feel like you're still developing in your music tastes and you'll end up doing another genre jump in the next few months/years?
R: Ya for sure, we're always evolving as players and songwriters and the music is always changing, but as far as a complete 180 like from hardcore to what we are now... I don't forsee that happening again haha!

Why to you think so many punk bands turn to folk as a side project? R: I really don't know, but it does seem to happen a lot. Maybe because they are both very similar styles in a lot of way but sound nothing alike so it's really just a nice change or break from playing so loud all the time.

Is it difficult to play such an honest form of music, laying all of yourselves out in front of audiences?
RICK: No not really, I don't really think about it that way in the moment.

Tell us what you have out so far and what's in store for you.
R: Well we have a couple EP's out so far and have a brand new one coming out this October with are CD release Party happening Sat Oct.23 @ The Horseshoe in TO! Other than that we just really love playing live and always keep a busy schedule doing that, I think we must have played close to 100 shows since last September.

Who has been your favourite band to tour/play with so far?
R: Oh there's too many to name... Monster Truck, Bad Ideas, Songs From A Room, Birhtday Boys, Teenage Kicks, Hollerado the list goes on and on.

Have you run into any beef with bands you've played with?
R: Lot's of festival, lot's of bands... Surprisingly not, considering some of the big pop bands we've played with. We're pretty respectful guys though so no real confrontation yet haha.

How did you hook up with Jason Martin?
R: Through Birthday Boys actually, they had him mixed their record, we loved how it sounded so we asked them where they got it mixed and they pointed to him!

who would you give your left nut to tour with?
R: That's a tough one, if we're gonna with big bands I'd probably have to say Tom Petty or The Boss himself... but other than that I'd love to tour with Band or Skulls or The dead Weather or something.

What was Ron Sexsmith like? Did you drink whiskey with Lucero?
R: They were all super nice guys, especially Ron. Just very relaxed and generous... Lucero let us use a bunch of there gear and came up and congratulated us afterward so that was a pretty nice feeling aswell.

What advice would you offer bands on how to make it so far so fast, how did you do it?
R: Did we do it? We still feel like we have a long way to go haha. I guess the only tips I could offer so far would be: live at home as long as you can, don't go to college, work super hard and most importantly judt don't suck haha. I hope no young kids are reading this...

So I'm sure Cobourg is wonderin... why Rick?
Der-RICK: some people think it's a wierd spelling but that's where it's derived from, all of the sudden one day Jed started calling him Ricky and it's just kinda stuck haha.

I heard your name is a puch line to a joke nobody remembers is that true or just a good story?
R:A little bit of both haha!

What next, where can we find you?
R:Everywhere! Where gonna have new music up for download wordwide very soon aswell as a shit ton of Ontario dates this fall with some west/east coast tour in the works for the winter and we'll probably be back in the studio again next Spring. Just keeping really busy, but that's how we lik it.