Interview with Nuno Pereira from A Wilhelm Scream

welcome back to toronto, seems like you guys love canada it's like your second home, why do you enjoy it so much… is it something in our water or does brian just get homesick a lot?
uh no actually i think we get more homesick for canada than brian does, i think he's had his share! haha, no he's stoked to be home of course too… but canada's almost european in a way where music still has a lot of meaning with listeners, it's not as … like the states is very like, you know the turnaround is retarded a band is big for you know a month then you never hear from them again. whereas canada it seems like the bands who succeed up here do so because the fans are a little more, dare i say intelligent, or as not as retarded.. *laughs*

how's the tour going so far?
oh terrible, awful, one of the worst tours i've ever been on…. wait, is this going to be on the internet? … oh okay great… haha no it's been fantastic, we're really lucky that we got the chance. we wanted to tour with comeback kid for a while now, we've been friends with them and trying to sort something out and then when we were asked to do this we were like holy shit, we've got a ton of bands and like a couple that we knew, a couple we didn't, and at this stage in the game that's what you want out of touring… you want to be comfortable but at the same time you want to meet new people like, you know have new adventures, that kind of stuff.

what show has been the craziest so far?
so far… depends… what do i gauge my response on? there were some crazy like epic bouncer beef stuff a few days ago, that was pretty gnarly, i had to throw away a t-shirt because i was covered in blood, it was like a bloodbath it was awful…

where was it?
st catharines, at L3, it just got out of hand quick… real quick… it was gnarly. so that was pretty wild, but i mean we had some crazy nights too, i went rogue and hung out an entire night with the comeback kid camp and stuff which i've never really done, just kind of like to hang at night with my stuff, my boys, so that was fun

were you guys madball fans before this tour started?
i knew madball a little bit, i listened to a lot of h20 like when i was younger so bands like that kind of got me more into madball, bands who are more melodic like h20 but have that same kind of new york roots hardcore you know what i mean? it's been a blast hanging out with those dudes, it's fucking the best, those guys are like tops, top notch guys.

that's awesome. now i've heard a lot of people describe your music as frantic… what's the best description you've ever heard?
that one i think! i dig that. i'm just sick of trying to describe it so i'm like yeah sure frantic… frantic's a good one, i haven't heard that one yet so that works for me.

cool! are you tired of people asking what your name means yet?
my first name?

haha no the bands name!
n: *laughs* yes! yes to both actually!

true! have you ever considered pulling a prince and renaming yourselves the actual soundclip of the wilhelm scream? whaaaaaaaaa!
hahaha, oh i don't know, we'd have to get really big t-shirts!!

with a little button on it like those hallmark cards?
haha yeah, or a belt buckle that goes like that… whaaa

haha nice! how's the new record coming along?
well actually just the other night on the ride back we've been doing demos and stuff like that and sometimes the guys will just do it through ilke a pod or something like that and scratch guitar bit and it's awesome because then we can just email it you know what i mean, to each other cause mike's at home right now with his family and stuff so we send it and when he has time he's writing stuff and sending emails with music and so i put some of them on the other night on my ipod and just listened to them and was like 'oh i think we should shorten that bit' you know what i mean? and lately i've been writing a lot of lyrics, trevor's been writing a ton of lyrics for songs so i think we'll get lyrics for like 10 songs and then pick which ones are the best and do the full length!

how do you guys find a good balance writing lyrics because i know trevor writes a lot of them and you write a lot of them too…
well you know what happens a lot, trevor is such an excellent song writer you know what i mean and it was evident when we were kids you know even when i was doing the lions share of the writing his songs were still always pretty like witty and he had the knack for it, and he ended up going to school for it and getting a degree um so he's a really creative guy. i think it's pretty organic now because we've been friends for so long and like i feel very comfortable and i tell him all the time i feel honoured to sing his songs and he's like yeah you know if you weren't doing it better than i could you know what i mean… this wouldn't work out. so we have a mutual respect and admiration for each other in that sense. i will say that he does get on me sometimes like 'dude, you got something for this?' and i'm ilke 'oh yeah sorry' … i tend to get a little bit lazy! but i've been, like any kind of creative thing like that you can kind of get burnt out for a while and then just catch a fire and start writing and writing and writing so luckily i've been riding that out for a little while!

right on. are you guys enjoying working at your studio, and is it more or less stressful than the blasting room?
uh it depends, the level of stress in the blasting room.. i could think maybe some of it is because you're worrying about money and stuff like that you know what i mean? and when you're able to cut costs and do it yourself that takes that level of stress out. the next following bit of stress is 'is this shit going to sound any good' you know what i mean, and that you don't have to worry about if you're in the blasting room! you know it's going to sound great! those guys are like the best at what they do over there. so like yeah it's kind of a trade off. there's different stresses but overall i'd say it's a little less stressful doing it at trevor's house. but we've only really recorded that EP there and done demos there before as kids you know what i'm sayin'. yeah it's different, it's fun, i didn't get to do any of the deconstruction in there because we totally got it rebuilt and stuff so yeah i'm lucky i dodged that bullet, that was probably pretty stressful!

how hard is it to go between recording mode and touring mode? how many days did you guys have between the last session in the studio and your first show on the tour?
probably about a week i guess, we were trading a lot of mp3's and stuff like that and we jammed a few times, hashed out a couple things, but you don't want to get too involved, too caught up in that, because we do need to practice other songs you know! it left everyone kind of chomping at the bit, wanting to go out and do it so i think that's the way we've always been, touring is paramount to our existence as a band, second only in maybe writing the new shit so we know that both equally are important so it's not too hard to go from one to the other. except for when we write a new song and then have to play it live for the first time and the first few times it sounds kind of shitty. it's just like everything else, you think it's tightened up but you gotta bring it on the road and see what happens to it.

did you guys practice much before this tour?
uh yeah we were practicing a bunch. nick practices almost every day even if it's by himself and when brian is in town and mike too then we'll get together once or maybe twice a week and just hash out some shit, but it's more writing than practice.

cool! being on the road so much, you guys have done some crazy fucking drives… i saw winnipeg to timmins how was that?
epic! thunder bay is fantastic this time of year let me tell you! it was a nice place to stop!

did you guys almost die on the night drive?
no, thankfully no… we did see a moose, but that was another drive actually!

what do you guys do to keep yourselves occupied?
masturbate! no uh, video games, jokes um me trevor and nick have played this card game since we were young so we taught the other guys in the van the card game so we'll play cards, smoke, don't really drink too much in the van, but yeah just hang out. we used to watch movies a lot but we got a new van and it's kind of sucky for that, no movie screen… haha movie screen…"this is bullshit, there's no popcorn in there! i mean jesus christ no wonder no one buys american!" *laughs* no no before the van we had came with it already so we were like oh shit, we watched like everything dude like seasons 1 through everything of everything! it was just like those long drives we'd just be 'okay we're going to watch the first 3 seasons of lost, bang!' before you know it you're like 'holy shit thunder bay' 19 hours later … like alright i'm all caught up! That dexter is a crazy bastard! that is one sick dude! but yeah we used to do that a lot, but now it's reading and writing a lot, playing cards, smoking weed, masturbation! mental masturbation! telling myself i'm handsome in the mirror several times a day! not DURING masturbation… afterwards! when i need my affirmation! to each his own *laughs*

i read in an interview that you all have girlfriends, is it hard keeping the relationship going when you're off touring for months at a time? and do you ever get to bring them along?
to answer the first part, i think it depends on what your relationship is based on… what the level of love and or respect or both, you know what i mean? there's a lot of trust, you have to have a very solid solid thing going before you can just take off for two months at a time… that's just not right to do to somebody if they aren't ready for it. our girlfriends do come out every now and then, not for at length but say when we're down at the fest, or my girlfriend loves san francisco, so we get our touring schedule about a month ahead of time so she can go on expedia and be like hey i got a wicked ticket to fly out to san francisco and then she'll stay for a few days even when we take off, so she gets a mini vacation out of it which i'm sure she loves.

do they like the band too or do they just like their man?
*laughs* no no, my girlfriend loves the band, she loves it she's always in the pit and stuff. she's in the pit for a lot of bands actually, it gets me kind of nervous sometimes cause it's like this total hardcore show role reversal where she's taking off her jacket and handing it to me and i'm like 'okay sweetheart have fun in there be careful, i'll hold the beers' you know like dude we go to see like smoke or fire she loves the lawrence arms, propagandhi, we love all the same bands and maybe it's because i've been to too many shows or something, like for a few bands i'll get up front and scream my head off but for her it's just on dude, it's on! she's pretty wild like that which is awesome.