Interview with Jackknife Stiletto !!!

Annie, based on your bio I think we should be friends, do you want to hang out sometime? maybe listen to rancid and watch shark movies? I have a lot...
Annie: That sounds amazing! When we have an off date on a future Canadian tour, I'll be in touch.

Speaking of shark week, do your periods all coincide when you tour or record?
Mel: Funny you should ask. They're not exact, but they seem to happen one right after the other. And just our luck, one of us almost always has it at a show.

Have you toured up here in Canada before?
EsotErica: Not yet, but we would love to!

Do you have plans to sometime soon?
Annie: Yes. Know a good booking agent?

Who is your dream band to play with?
EsotErica: The Dresden Dolls
Mel: Pink Floyd
Annie: Rancid

What are your guilty pleasure bands of this year?
EsotErica: Lady Gaga. Especially the song Bad Romance!

Do you have crazy/creepy guy fans the way that you see boy bands getting them?
Mel: Yes, and we often write songs about our encounters. For example..."Dear Jane," and the voicemail before "Fight Fair."

What is the creepiest thing a guy has said to you after one of your shows?
Mel: Hard to choose. There's been a lot of weird things said. I think it would have to be when a guy said to Annie: "Always remember you're a Ferrari, not a tractor trailer. Don't ever think otherwise."
Annie: Yeah, that was hilarious.

So are you still the same band members as Violet Vier? Why the name change?
Mel: We are the original members minus one.
EsotErica: We were originally a four piece. We had a show coming up and quickly scrounged for a name. Next thing you know, we're the purple four. After going through a few 2nd guitarists over the years, we decided we worked best as a trio. New sound, new attitude, and a new band name.

I like the new one, how'd you come up with it?
EsotErica: Sitting at a diner at 3am, after a Nekromantix/Mutilators show and a few drinks.

Why are you guys playing in a forest in the video for "Swan Dive"?
EsotErica: We have no idea. We are also standing in abandoned, rusty cars.
Mel: Neither have anything to do with the song.
Annie: But did you know you can order pizza and have it delivered to the woods?

Who wrote/directed the video?
Mel: Kevin Rogers of Backslash Bomb Productions.

This is a very serious, depressing song and video for the first one, does that rightfully represent what's to come from you guys?
Annie: We chose to do that video first because it was one of the first that we wrote, and we had been planning ideas for it for a while.
Mel: The song is based on a true and tragic story, and sparked a lot of deep emotions in us.
Annie: Our next video planned is for "Britney Says No." This video will have more of a fun, comedic slant to it.