Interview with James Suptic of THE GET UP KIDS!

In light of this new album and a good couple decades since the 90’s “emo” movement, do you still try to dissociate your music from that term (emo)?
James Suptic:
Dissociate makes it sound like we have gone out of our way to not be called "emo". That's never been the case. We have never given it that much thought. At this point we could put out a spoken word album and people would call it "spoken word emo"

Because spoken word is so, so emo.

How would you describe There Are Rules compared to your previous material?
It's way more raw and organic. We were writing a song a day at practice. There wasn't a lot of time to overthink.

I read a statement where you apologize if you had any help in creating the whole crappy glam rock there is now… Did this feeling affect the way you wrote this new album?
That was a joke taken way to seriously. The age of twitter blows things way out of proportion. For this album we just wrote whatever came out. We didn't sit around and say, "Let's make the most un-emo record ever recorded!".

After your breakup was it easy to come back and work with each other again on the new EP and new album?
Almost too easy!

Was there any tension leftover from before you split?
No, or we wouldn't be doing this. Now there is new tensions. We just deal with it better.

What kind of future do you see The Get Up Kids having now?
Honestly, who knows. We are taken it all one day at a time. I don't have any goals like selling millions of albums or anything like that.

You used entirely analog equipment to record this album, why’s that?
Because it sounds better and it forces you to be a good band, good players.

Was it more or less stressful releasing this album through your own label Quality Hill Records?
The main stress has been getting the distribution locked down. Our friend Jason Reynolds has been in charge of that. He's done a great job with that burden.

How did that start?
We just realized it made more sense for us to release our own music and take full control. We are a self sufficient band and we looked at record labels more as banks, and we didn't need a loan.

I love the album artwork by Micah Smith, is there a story behind it or a reason why you chose it for this album?
We just told him to go to town. Rob helped him with the layout. It looks real nice on the vinyl jacket.