Interview with Sean Rowe!

Are you a smoker? Big whiskey drinker?
SR: i tried to smoke when i was 14 but when my lungs nearly exploded i wondered why i should try it again.Whiskey makes me ill just thinking about it but i do like Belgium Beer. just one good strong one is sufficient.

Any relation to singer Jeff Rowe!?
not that I'm aware of but then again...i just found out that i have an identical twin living in Miami but he's recently had major facial reconstructive surgery. apparently he didn't like the way "we" looked.

You spent 24 days surviving in the woods, what was the hardest part about it?
lonliness probably. Another thing that takes getting used to is eating food without salt if you're not used to it.

What did you miss the most about being part of society?
Probably working out in a gym. I think it's the whole aesthetic ritual of all of it ya know? I just love the feeling of pretending I'm like some kind of human hamster with a life-size running wheel and a habitrail. I love the gym! I really missed the feeling of zoning out to the TV screen clamped above my head while the Gazelle (TM) works out my lower body. It gets me fit for the natural, gazelle-like running i do in the woods.

Did you make music while you were out there?
not really. i don't bring in instruments per say but i do sing to myself almost subconscously sometimes. It's comforting.

What songs, if any, came out of this experience?
"Here comes the rain again." but of course that was by the Eurythmics

How did the experience affect you as a whole?
it was the most rewarding experience i've had the pleasure to paricipate in. Really challenging on all levels but immesely satisfying. If i could bottle it up and take it again sometime or give it to someone else....i would.

Would you do it again?
Yes! but i might bring salt next time.

Was there ever doubt that you wouldn't make it?
After the first night. i can be a real wimp sometimes.

How does squirrel taste?
tastes great but it's kinda tough. If you boil it for a long, long time until it's tender...makes a good stew.mice are not bad either. just need a lot of them to really make a meal of it.

Do you watch Survivorman?
I do sometimes and Man vs. Wild Occasionally...but I'm tired of watching Bear drink his own piss. That show like Survivor man is Hollywood-i-died to the max. I don't like how these shows perpetuate fear against nature. It's the same western concept of us vs. them or man vs. the natural world as if it's something to be conquered. But that's the kind of hero we want for our America. It's always been like that. I feel it's the opposite of what is needed today. We need to get the fuck in nature, not get out of it to be rescued by the coast guard. we need a connection to the land, not a machete to cut through the brush. The real wilderness is our minds.

Which do you prefer, touring or Survivor it?
I would rather tour then drink my own urine. ;D

How does nature inspire your music?
its real, raw and ultimately unpredictable. Those are the qualities i strive for in songwriting/performing

What else/who else do you draw inspiration from?
Indigenous peoples. People that still live close to the earth. People that still see themselves as part of the world, not the center of it. People like the Haudenosaunee Indian Nation of NY who continue to keep their values of land over profit. i draw inspiration from them.

What's your take on the music industry today?
love/hate. It's a DIY world for sure but I've been lucky enough to have some major help along the way. I do see a trend toward a stripping down of bullshit and getting to the essence of the song. The alternative folk scene has seen some really interesting, beautiful artists lately

Have you ever played Toronto before?
no. do hope to come back though.

Why did 8'ish years pass between Magic and your first release?
SR: I couldn't decide if i should really be a priest or not.

How would you describe Magic compared to 27?
SR: it's a lot better. 27 was a stepping stone for me. i know some people still like and occasionally request those songs but they were a real growing period from my point of view. it's not bad, it's just...not that good.