Another Interview with Slim Cessna !!

I’m not sure if you remember but we did an interview at Mitzi’s Sister before your show in Toronto way back in November of 2010 before the new record Unentitled came out. So yeah, hello again! Let’s talk about Unentitled! 
SLIM: of course I remember you. How are you?

Another Jon Snodgrass interview!

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I did a quick email interview with you back in May of this year, so hi again! I have a few more questions for you.
JS: I remember you. I like you. Shoot.

Tell me about the Xtra Mile High Club, VOL.3 – Yanks vs. Limeys album that was released recently! How did you get on it?
JS: I did a record with Frank Turner at my house one day last year. Those guys pressed it on vinyl for us. They’re good people over there.
It’s a real bummer about that fire. I just found out that we have 40 of those records left. I’m getting those shipped to Berlin for the Scorpios tour. We lost 100 in the London fire last month. Sad.

Will you be releasing more any time soon, either as Drag the River or solo?
JS: Well, the “tri-state” record came out on Paper & Plastic back in May (i think). Now after this DTR tour I go to Europe with “Scropios” (Me, Joey Cape, Tony Sly & Brian Wahlstrom). We have a new record too.
I have the Euro version of the P&P record out on Hometown Caravan. It’s “Five State Record” and has twice as many songs. Make sense? And P&P will get another 7in soon. A few songs from the Euro version and a few more. I think we’re finally pressing the record with Frank on cd too.

Do you have any solid plans to work with Chris Wollard, Addison Burns, Brandon Carlisle or Stephen Egerton again after the Tri-State Record ?
JS: I just did a new song with Stephen last week. A song for Vinnie (Paper & Plastic) and Matt Anderson’s new comic book. Brandon and I get together soon. His band Teenage Bottlerocket has been busy. As for the buddies in FLA? Yeah, someday for sure. I love those guys.

Drag The River seem to have multiple releases each year, be it live albums or 7”s... where the heck do you find time to produce all of this while also doing your own solo thing and touring for both?
JS: I guess I don’t. Still need to mix a live record from Little Rock and track the new record. Whoops!

How do you have so many cool friends!?
JS: I dunno. You are right. All cool dudes, they are.

When you’re recording with these friends is liquor usually a part of the process?
JS: Ummm. Sometimes I guess, but not really. I do have drinks at a show.
I drink in the studio once some actual work has gotten done. Sometimes it starts going better or worse. It depends.

How has the whole ‘pay what you can’ method worked for you?
JS: It’s working fine. At some point it’ll go to a set price. I think I have a good idea for that. For example, one of our records cost $17 to make so, yeah. That’ll be considered in pricing. Some cost more, some took longer, some are better, some are further in the black etc. I dunno. I hate talking about money.
The Scorpios record is sold that way too until Oct. 14th. Here

You seem to do more press etc up here in Canada than you do in the States, why is that!?
JS: I like you guys more. Nah, kidding. I do like you guys though. We do everything ourselves. We have more help up there. That’s all.

Thanks so much, see you at your upcoming Toronto gig!
JS: Oh no. Thank you, miss. See ya soon.