Meet Toronto Bands: #6 TUPPER WARE REMIX PARTY

Describe your band in 5 words.
Intergalactic. Electric. Sex. Ridiculous. Party.

Meet Toronto Bands: #5 TOMBOYFRIEND

Describe your band in 5 words.
Just trying to have fun.

Meet Toronto Bands: #4 SECRETTES

What’s your favourite Toronto venue?
The Rivoli. We have been hosting a residency there since 2006, even though we've only been a band for about two years. Confused? Us too.

Meet Toronto Bands: #2 THE BARE MINIMUM

Describe your band in 5 words. 
concise energetic rock without gimmicks

Meet Toronto Bands: #1 CAREERS IN SCIENCE

Describe your band in 5 words.
Inside jokes set to music. or Dave Matt Callum Eric Yay! 
or Less Egos, more Eggos, please. 
or Sarah Litt Really Likes us 
or Can't answer any question seriously 

Interview with Useless ID!

Growing up in Israel, did you get to see a lot of punk bands touring through your parts? What was your most memorable show as a kid, if any? 
UID: Not much...In the 80's no international bands would go to israel, like, NONE, we would start getting bands like G.B.H and The Exploited coming over for shows in the early 90's, i was a bit too young to go and i guess not THAT excited about going anyway.
The first international band that we were kind of excited to see were Biohazard when they came through in 93', that was kind of cool to see, and the crowd was massive + crazy.
Honestly, Frenzal Rhomb from Australia were the best punk show i've seen here and i wasnt a kid anymore by the time they came over, but they were simply amazing.

Interview with Hugo Mudie creator/co-coordinator/designer etc etc etc of POUZZA FEST!!

Oh hey, check out my interview with Hugo Mudie of POUZZA FEST!! Can't fucking wait for May.

How does it feel coming back for year 2 of Pouzza?
We are super happy to be able to do this 2nd year for this festival. It's really a dream come true and last year was just amazing and we have huge hopes for this year. The festival is bigger, more bands, bigger bands, more venues, more partners, more activities and new concepts. We just hope that festival goers will enjoy the festival as much as we enjoy putting it on.