Hilarious Interview with Paul McKenzie of The Real McKenzies!!

On your Facebook ‘about me’ you talk about how you have influenced bands and later been accused of ripping off those same bands..can you elaborate on this?
PM: It seems that we are "new" on the scene to people who have not had the pleasure of hearing our music, naturally there are accusations of taking another bands idea and going with that. If the truth be known the celtic band thing goes back to the early teens with the likes of Sir Harry Lauder ect.So as for "Rip Off" it has been said "Average artists borrow, great artists steal"

It’s been 20 years since you formed, do you have any idea how many shows (approx.) you’ve played in those two decades?
PM: Easily 10 000 shows not counting the catterwhaling in the bars for free whisky and beers after the shows. Also not counting weddings and (our favorite) bar mitzvahs

You’ve mentioned in other interviews that you’re still crashing at promoters
etc. houses because you can’t afford hotels. Does that say something about
punk bands in the music industry, in your opinion?

PM: Hey...we can afford five star hotels if we choose, but who wants to have that kind of posh stuff when you can party in an intimate environment and drink for free till the sheep start bleating in the morning. It s a great way to make freinds and a cold hard floor helps to stave off a wicked hangovers. We are still tough and we
like it that way. The money we save we can send home to mum to buy wool for
nice socks and sweaters.

Do you have to have ‘day jobs’ to support yourselves/family when you’re not on the road?
PM: No, why would we do that.
*Are you ever NOT on the road?*
RM: No,how could we not play shows..that would be ludicrious wouldn t it now.

How has the feedback to Westwinds been so far at your shows?
PM: It has been very good thus far...why even I like it .Yes even contankerous old me likes it (and I don t like anything as a rule)

You guys are one of the few bands who have been around for so long without compromising or changing your sound. Fans love it, but have you guys ever felt like doing something different with the band? I don’t just mean going from acoustic to electric either… have you ever gotten bored with the Celtic theme?
PM: The well of celtic music and lore is so deep, that if we recorded an album every week for the rest of our lives, it would only amount to about a cup drawn from that well. Celtic history is so ancient and diverse that in my opinion there is no way to get enough of it cos it is just so excellent and vast and...well you know, don't you? Or do you?

Do you get tired of the kilt wearing gimmick?
PM: Please do not insult me or the kilt. IT IS NO GIMMICK. Would you ever get tired of wearing your skin? Please do not disrespect the kilt or there are people out there who are talented enough with a dirk to relieve you of yer skin and dispatch you to the next world if you get my meaning. But no...we never tire of wearing one of the most GLORIOUS garments ever invented I say this sincerely with all due respect to you but please mind yer tounge when it comes to all things Scottish.

Do you still get shit from douchebags about wearing the kilts?
PM: Yes,but these people know nothing so we pay them no mind. They are less than nothing and we have music to play and freinds to drink with instead of wasting time with neredowells.

Is your love and tolerance for the liquor still as strong as when you started?
PM: My genitic resistance to good beer and whisky goes back over 1000 years.I cannot get enough as long as we consume with respect to ourselves, freinds and family.

Do you guys actually drink Kokanee Beer? (Are you even allowed to say no to

PM: Yes...when in Canada when there is nothing else, I will guzzle copious amounts of that swill and feel all the better for it too.

What are your thoughts on Warped Tour the last few years?
PM: If you do not have a nightliner bus, a driver and are well connected to the staff it is a lot easier, it can be very trying to even make checkin time when you are a band in a van and have to drive all night. It is a hellofalotta fun though, make no mistake on that one.

So the a capella song happened almost by accident I hear? Go on…
PM: Yes it is true. We thought we were ordering an exotic pizza but as it turned out instead of pizza we had to sing all by our lonesomes. Acutally, if the truth be known, it was when the credit bureau confiscated all of our gear because we spent the money on whisky,beer and wild,wild women and we had to think of somthing QUICK so...we pulled up our kiltsocks andhad a few shots of Glen Ord (The McKenzie Whisky) and suddenly burst out in grand Scottish tradition to start singing ancient old scots ballads.It seemed to work so we stuck with the program. Amazingly people seemed to like it,even when I vomited in my own beermug and drank it not remembering what I had done a few minutes beforehand.

I wish to add that we are all honored to be playing our music to the people who support us and for all who will join us for a great show. Wear your scots garb drink and speak with a brough and all will be well.
Hope to see you all soon, xox P.K.McKenzie