Meet Toronto Bands: #1 CAREERS IN SCIENCE

Describe your band in 5 words.
Inside jokes set to music. or Dave Matt Callum Eric Yay! 
or Less Egos, more Eggos, please. 
or Sarah Litt Really Likes us 
or Can't answer any question seriously 

What’s your favourite Toronto venue? 
Bovine Sex Club. Sweaty, loud, and everyone seems to gets us. 

Name 3 other local bands right now that you would recommend listening to. 
I'll give you five. 
Also, Matthew Winkler, our bassist, is both a really talented songwriter and morbidly bereft of Facebook likes. Like him

Pitch your NXNE show! 
Well, we're going to be one of the first shows in the Rochester, which is a sweet new venue at College and Bathurst this Thursday at 1am. ALSO, we're playing with The Motorleague, who are amazing, and on right at midnight. ALSO I hear Bad Religion is opening for us at Yonge and Dundas Square. 

What is it with the Wolf theme? 
I don't... understand the question. 

How poor is the wolfs eyesight? Are wolf glasses expensive? 
He has perfect eyesight, those glasses are his grandmother's. They are vintage. 

Talk about your new album FOREVERWOLF. What does the title mean to you? 
Well our initial EP, Whateverwolf, which was a joke on the millions of permutations of "Wolf" band names in the indie rock scene, kind of evolved when Matt joined the band and helped us rewrite the songs and work on new ones. It's like Pokemon... We hit level 15. Whateverwolf evolved into Foreverwolf. He learned 6 new attacks. He's now impervious to fire, spiders, and YouTube comments. 

I've seen a ton of positive feedback online for it, not even including  mine, how have your fans reacted? 
Seems positive so far. A lot of people have preordered the record already, which is amazing. Fans of ours that haven't done so should at , also our fans are really patient with us repeating that every two days. (And by Fans we mean facebook friends and Matt's parents.) 

What else do you have planned for the summer after NXNE? 
Amazing, amazing things. We're calling it "Summer of the Wolf." we're playing SCENEFest at the end of June and then with The BCASA on July 3rd, who are the coolest band ever... Then in August were playing a series of out of town shows. We were going to go on tour, but we've had to limit our attacks to short, controlled bursts. 

I see you're playing SCENEFest as well... 
You must have seen that from my above answer. 

When is it and what venue are you playing? 
SCENE is June 24th. As for venue and time, it's not really known until closer to the event. Basically the festival takes over all of St. Catherines. That's half the fun of this festival. 

Can we expect a video from you guys any time soon?
Why yes! Our buddy Mike Meehan ( just directed a video for us. Should hopefully be done soon. It was filmed in a basement. It has... A lot of premises. There were horse masks.