Meet Toronto Bands: #2 THE BARE MINIMUM

Describe your band in 5 words. 
concise energetic rock without gimmicks

What’s your favourite Toronto venue? 
It's a tie between Lee's Palace and the Bovine Sex Club. We've had fun playing both. Both showcase a lot of our favourite touring bands as well as make space for local acts. I've seen the Briggs, Guitar Wolf, and Fountains of Wayne at Lee's and Creepshow and the Brains at the Bovine.

Name 3 other local bands right now that you would recommend listening to

1. Burning Love 
 Burning love is probably my favourite Toronto punk band that is active right now. Their sound is in the tradition of Black Flag, Poison Idea, and Negative Approach but modernized. Their first album is absolutely solid, no filler. The 4th track "Gain" features my 5th favourite guitar solo ever! Due to the harsh nature of their music they're probably not for everyone, but if you're into the darker side of 80s hardcore you need to check this out. They have a new album dropping June 16th! 
2. The Convoys 
 The Convoys sound like silent-alarm era Bloc Party screaming lyrics about robots over Alex Turner like riffs. We've been friends with them since sharing the stage with them at Lee's Palace. They have a great live show with lots of energy, and they have new recordings coming soon. 
3. Careers in Science 
I first heard of Careers in Science trolling the boards of I haven't had a chance to see them live yet, but they're recordings sound like a mix of Drive Like Jehu, Propagandhi, One Last Wish, and No Means No. I look forward to seeing them play, and would love to play a show with them.

So, you guys are fellow bloggers EH? How long have you been doing that? Is it a band thing collectively or do each of you/some of you just post whatever whenever?

Also, I love how many rants you have, and the top 5 video game soundtracks was my favourite, but I think you're forgetting Donkey Kong 2... 
 Haha, I'm not sure any Donkey Kong soundtrack, except maybe the rap from Donkey Kong 64, can compete with the likes of Mario, Zelda, or Megaman. We've been blogging for only a few months, but it's been a positive experience so far. We usually discuss the issues and I (Cam) put the ideas into writing. The blog kinda serves as an outlet for our thoughts about the current state of music, as well as a vehicle for us to explicate some of the decisions we make as a band; like why we like short songs, how we approach live shows, what kind of music influences us, etc. We find that the blog introduces people to our band through avenues other than shows and word of mouth… It's a great tool for getting the band out there.

You have a couple shows coming up, talk about them! Who else is playing, how much, why should we come? 

 We have a show Saturday, June 23rd at the Silver Dollar with Buddy Black and Wood Butcher. Daniel Boyd, the director of the cult horror film "The Chillers", will be there for a meet and greet. Tickets are $6 at the door. We also have a show July 5th, Thursday July 5th at the El Macambo with the Convoys, Skinny Bitches, and Let's Eat Alice. There's rumours that there will be cupcakes available! We don't know the ticket price yet.