Meet Toronto Bands: #4 SECRETTES

What’s your favourite Toronto venue?
The Rivoli. We have been hosting a residency there since 2006, even though we've only been a band for about two years. Confused? Us too.

Name 3 other local bands right now that you would recommend listening to.
1) Freedom or Death
Our best bud and ex-keyboardist Wolf (Dan) has moved to Germany with them to take Europe by storm.
2) Triple Gangers
We played with them at our EP release party last month, and I was amazed how they could carry a show so well with just one keyboard and three mics.
3) Kidstreet
Another band we enjoy playing with, and admire for their high-energy live show.

Talk about the upcoming album, how does it compare to your debut?
We were still just experimenting when we released our self-titled EP in 2011. "Sainthood" is a more concrete vision, and I think it demonstrates our musical goals quite clearly as a group. It's interesting because looking back on it, it seems the main themes are love and death yet the songs shift from the bedroom to the ballroom. The public vs. the private is something I've always been interested in as a writer.

Where could one purchase your music?
The easiest place is online at

So, husband and wife now eh? How is that going?
Ehhhh. We decided we were gonna keep that important detail a secret, but I guess the cat is out of the bag. It's quite nice actually getting to share everything with that special someone. Even the beer tickets.

Do you ever go on stage angry at each other? How do you sort your shit out and keep it separate from the band?
We occasionally disagree during rehearsals about creative decisions, but we always have fun on stage. However, Cali hates it when I sing into her microphone even though I still do it sometimes.

Were you dating when you started the band or did this develop after forming?
We were dating before Secrettes ever existed. I knew she was the one considering we could be in a band together, and still get along when we were alone. I was quite cautious about it (you know the whole don't mix business with pleasure thing), but it brought our relationship to a new level. We are the new ABBA.

What's next?
Perhaps we can achieve what ABBA could not; success in music and love. We'd also settle for a musical starring Pierce Brosnan.