Meet Toronto Bands: #5 TOMBOYFRIEND

Describe your band in 5 words.
Just trying to have fun.

What’s your favourite Toronto venue?
This is a hard question. We don't really fit on many Toronto stages anymore. We like a venue that feeds us and gives us drink tickets. Any venues out there willing to do this for a 10 member band can contact me and I'll pimp you out in my next interview.

Name 3 other local bands right now that you would recommend listening to.
Vag Halen
Kids on TV
One Hundred Dollars

Pitch your NXNE show!
We are going nautical! And there will be pirates! We will also be debuting a brand new love song about a trans sex worker that starts off at a wonderful under-utilized Toronto waterfront park. You don't want to miss it!!! At The Boat on Augusta St. June 13th at 10pm!!!!

How'd you get on the Sappyfest bill in New Brunswick?
I wish I had a better answer then they asked us. But ya, they asked us. It's a big deal to get 10 people out there though so maybe they thought we'd decline. We are really excited to do this out of provence gig and are practicing hard so we can be nice and tight for the east coast.

Do you guys have theatrical backgrounds?
I was a drama geek in high school and did a year of theatre at Brock. Everyone in the band has some kind of artistic interest although the interest vary widely. We are made up of visual artists, authors, poets, musicians, graphic designers and I'm sure I'm missing a few, but we are all performers in some way.

When I saw you guys you put on such an intricate, awesome performance. How do you come up with the stage show?
Um.... we kind of wing it. Recently the Glory Hogs have done a very basic bit of choreography for a few newer songs. But usually it's just get up there and do what we feel.

Is it different every time?
Yes. I think we have 17 original songs now and so depending on the set list, the feel of the show if different every single time.

Are you always in costume?
For the most part. We usually have a general theme. Nautical, spring, bad wedding, and Adriana will whip up a bunch of knitted pieces for the band that are on theme. One time she made some amazing crocheted snowflake masks. Or sometimes we just say "look good", which for me is a costume.

How was the video for "Alexander McQueen" done?
Ryan had a number of very talented friends who sometimes colaberate with him on things like this video shoot. The Alexander McQueen video is a fine example of that.

Who shot it?
Margaux Williamson

Who came up with the idea for it?
I think it was both Ryan and Margaux that thought that one up.

What does it signify for you/for the song?
The song was very personal to Ryan so I think it's his tribute to Alexander. For me the video is shot in a very lonely place, and the song is a lovely ballad that speaks to me about how hopeless McQueen must have felt.

What else do you have in store for this summer?
We are really just amping up to get to Sappyfest in one piece without getting kicked off the train before we get there. Is anyone willing to pick us up and drive us the rest of the way if that happens?