Meet Toronto Bands: #6 TUPPER WARE REMIX PARTY

Describe your band in 5 words.
Intergalactic. Electric. Sex. Ridiculous. Party.

What’s your favourite Toronto venue?
Favourite Toronto venue would be the Bovine Sex Club. In our short time in Toronto since we moved here they've treated us extremely well, and we've had some outrageously fun and intimate shows there.

Name 3 other local bands right now that you would recommend listening to.
Time Giant - long-haired good times rock n' roll
OPOPO - electro-club-rock duo
Vince Lombarrdi - hilarious-coming-of-age-rock-opera, the band

What planet do TWRP originate from?
Each of us in the band originate from various corners of the multiverse and possess inherently ridiculous backstories… for example, I (Doctor Sung, keytar) was birthed in the superheated cosmic gasses of the big bang 13.5 billion years ago. In terms of our origins on Earth, however, we've been here for almost 5 years, and started out in Halifax where we were located until moving to TO half a year ago.

How'd you come up with the name?
TWRP, as we often go by now, is the acronym for Tupper Ware Remix Party. That name was a product of verbal diarrhea when we asked ourselves, "what in the fuck are we going to call ourselves?". Just so happened that tupper, ware, remix, and party were the first 4 words that escaped our drummer's mouth all those years ago - and it stuck.

And the idea for the costumes?
Costumes? What Costumes? We hate bands that dress up. We look the way we do because in the unbounded multiverse each and every possible reality exists simultaneously… and we just happen to come from a reality where dudes look like us.

How hot do you get in those?
It gets absurdly hot, in all honesty. It doesn't help that every performance of ours is an aerobic workout in itself. Or that our native climate (of outer space) is a cold vacuum.

Are you nekked under them? Just wondering.
Why, yes in fact we are. Not only do our spandex-like spacesuits enable us to travel through time & space with great ease, but they also provide excellent support and breathability for our spacemembers, negating the need for undergarments altogether.

Do you ever get sick of the gimmick?
Does not compute. I assume by the context of the word that "gimmick" is a term on Earth that is synonymous with "being from space". If I assume correctly, then nope! Space is fucking awesome. Though sometimes because of our appearance and customs we feel a bit like Eddie Murphy in that documentary "Coming To America".

Why'd you go the instrumental route?
We play primarily instrumental music because when we first started out it just seemed right for what we were going for. Dance parties, after all, are not incited by shimmering vocal melodies, they're incited by driving, groovy-ass rhythms. That being said, we are obviously influenced by all flavors of music, both vocal and instrumental.

Have you ever considered adding lyrics to the music?
We have considered it - and very recently, we have done it! With the addition of our two new members, we have incorporated a liberal application of vocoder in our new tunes. Our newfound lyrical mastery encompasses songs about dancing with no pants on, computer women, disco warfare, and other such esoteric party-related things.

Can we expect to see you busking on the streets of Toronto again any time soon?
Most definitely. We deploy our fully-electric busking act, which we call our "Mobile Fun Unit", weekly whenever we have an opportunity. Our favorite spot is on the corner of College/Bathurst.

Who are the newbies? Where do they spawn from and what do they add to the party?
The two noobs are Commander Meouch the funky space feline, and Bombustron the binary-bound party enforcer. They've really added a 4th dimension to our music and live show - both are skilled audio engineers and multi-instrumentalists who really fill out the sound and add even more visual stimulation. Moar guitars, moar percussion, moar synthesizers, moar pelvic thrusts, moar fun.

What are your summer 2012 plans? Is this the Summer of George for Tupper Ware Remix Party?
Indeed, the summer of George! In late June we embark on a month-long tour with club shows and festival dates in Ontario, Quebec, and all across the maritime provinces. And upon our return late in July we have plans to record an EP, at long last! We are, how you say on Earth, fucking stoked!