Meet Toronto Bands: #7 DRUGS IN JAPAN

Describe your band in 5 words.
Please book us for shows

What’s your favourite Toronto venue?
We've had a great time playing at the Hard Luck Bar, and the size and atmosphere of The Smiling Buddha seems to suit us pretty well. Favorite place to see shows is Lee's Palace - big enough, but intimate.

Name 3 other local bands right now that you would recommend listening to.
Careers in Science, Jean is Dead, No Breakup, Dinosaur Dinosaur, Sky of Sound, Triple Gangers, Kontravoid, Put the Rifle Down, Most People, and definitely OPOPO. So many great bands here we could not stick to 3.

Pitch your NXNE show!
We'll be playing The Detour Bar at 2am on Saturday, June 16th. We are super excited to be playing this festival with a bunch of other great bands. The Detour Bar is pretty small so we should have a good opportunity to cook the vibe in there AND our late time-slot works because we don't really conflict with anything else. The Flaming Lips will be done, we still have time to catch Rival Schools, and The Detour has extended last call till 4am. It should be quite the party.

What else do you have planned for Summer 2012, the summer of Drugs?
Well we'll do some drugs I guess. We should also play out of town as much as possible and we'll be writing some new material. We have plans to record at the end of August, but we're notoriously slow with these things.

So far you have one EP out correct? How is that doing?
Sorta, it's more of a single with 2 b-sides. We think it turned out pretty well for our first bit of recording, but we can't wait to do a full length and have a proper record under our belts.

When can we expect more?
You can expect more right now, but when you gonna get more? Well, desire is the root of all suffering says the Buddha...

Do you guys like drugs?
Yup. Sure do.

Have you been to Japan?
Japan is a state of mind. And no.

Have you done drugs IN Japan?
Also no. As far as we can tell its not really a good idea either. Unless movies, tv and half-read Google searches have lied to us they're pretty strict about that type of thing.

I guess what I'm really asking here is how did you come up with the name?
PO had some friends who were, let's say, "marijuana aficionados" and on their way to Japan to teach English. At their going away party a mutual friend asked if they were going to try to score weed in Japan. PO blurted out the warning, "You do NOT want to do drugs in Japan!" and thought that phrase would make a good band name one day. That day came about two years later when we wrote our first tune and decided to form a band.