Interview with THE ATOM AGE!

What's new in the last 2 years? Still just touring like crazy?
Well we toured a decent amount in 2011, and signed to Asian Man Records. After we signed we had to get off the road and write and record the new album. We were done in February and had to wait until the album came out to get back on the road. We just got back from our first tour in almost a year. It was quite good.

You just released a new album, The Hottest Thing That's Cool, did the name of the album come from an Elvis book?
You are quite the investigator...and yes. We saw it when we visited Sun Studios in Memphis. How could you ask for a better sign?

Did you self record/produce the album again?
Yes ma'am. I (Ryan vox/git) work at a studio when I am home, so it's a no brainer to do it ourselves.

Has the process gotten any easier/faster since the first album?
It's gotten a lot better through a brutal self discipline regimen I have subjected myself too. We recorded and mixed the new album in less than a month.

As an anal perfectionist (haha), at what point do you have to just sit back and say 'I've done all I can'?
Do you have to force yourself to do it or do you just get to a point where you know it's the best it can be?

I am still an anal perfectionist and always will be, but I've learned that driving yourself crazy to get "perfect" tracks never results in anything better and honestly hurts a band like us. In order to have the proper amount of juice in our stuff it has to be have the nasty.

Are you still going for that 'mutant ape rock' sound that we discussed in the first interview?

We talked about you guys being honest and hating the auto-tuned punk shit of these days... so I have to ask: What do you think of the new Offspring album?
I heard that one song and it's ridiculous. Maybe it's a joke, and if it is that's awesome. If it's not than good for them having balls big enough to do it. I'm sure they really need more money.

How stoked are you to be touring with Down By Law? (dates below)
Were you guys big fans of the band?

We are very excited. They have a ton of history and are an important band. Of course we was fans.

Do you know who else is going to be on the bill for the Aug. 20th show in Toronto yet?
No not yet

Are you glad to be coming back to Canada in the summer months this time?
I am, its great that we get to do a full tour of it and not just like 3 days somewhere. I'm excited to see the middle of Canada. I hear its a giant wasteland.

You always admit to being strongly influenced, but are you guys literally copying Rocket From The Crypts sound? (this according to Alternative Press)
I don't think we are copying RFTC's sound. Of course we are heavily influenced by them, but we have a lot of other important influences like The Sonics, MC5, Murder City Devils, The Bronx, Riverboat Gamblers to name a few. If people wanna say we are a Rocket copy band, that's honestly fine, what better band to be compared too?

What's next for The Atom Age, after this tour?
A lot more touring making loud noises. Being off the road sucked. We'll be out most of the fall, hitting FEST and some other cool shows. We will also go to Europe for the first time this winter.

8/11 Vancouver, BC Funky Winkerbeans
8/13 Calgary, AB Dickens Pub
8/14 Edmonton, AB Pawn Shop
8/16 Regina, SK The Exchange
8/17 Winnipeg, MB Osborne Village Inn
8/18 Thunder Bay, ON Crock's
8/20 Toronto, ON Lee's Palace
8/22 London, ON Call the Office
8/23 Montreal, QC Underworld
8/24 Kingston, ON The Mansion