Interview with the DEFORESTERS!

I sat down with Pod and Shawn from Deforesters in between sets at one of my recent punk rawk shows, and here's what they had to say...

Interview with Mr. Chi Pig from SNFU

By Dustin Andrews of Wasted Potential and me! 

You guys formed in 1981, which was  before I was born even, how do you feel about the evolution of punk music since?
CHI: It’s changed to more corporate things, when it comes to that I think it lost a lot of it’s organic, you know the honesty of it, and these younger persons they just want to make a name for themselves, they want to be a celebrity, they want to make money. In my mind that’s not the way it works. I’ve already done it, and if I have enough to get me from point a to point b then that’s enough for me. I never lost focus. I’ve been there since day one, I’ve never ever quit this band. It’s my baby. This is me. And to have the courage to play music and meet old friends again and travel the world.. we just came back from a two week tour in Japan and it was totally awesome. I just released a brand new CD, yes, and I will be playing it for you tonight.


So Slim Cessna's  Auto Club are coming to Toronto FRIDAY AUGUST 2ND with The Sterling Sisters, which just happens to be Slim's son George's band! I email-terviewed both father and son about being on tour together and so on! 

Interview with Darius from Swingin' Utters, formerly referred to as $wingin' Utter$

before all the rappers stole their $$.
It was actually Ke$ha.

I sat down with Darius before their FUCKING AMAZING show at the Horseshoe in Toronto. I already interviewed Johnny a few years back so basically we just shot some shit. Not literally.

Interview with Skinhead Rob from Transplants / Death March ! WARNING: RATED R FOR HARSH PROFANITY

My oldest bestest buddy Julian Warme (from The Johnstones) did me a huge solid and called up Skinhead Rob from the Transplants / Death March the other day to interview him for MusicSheBlogged while I was stuck at work like a sucker. Check it out!

POUZZA: Interview with some of THE VICTIM PARTY who got forced to talk to me in exchange for free booze!

Who smells the worst in your band? 
Tabitha: Matt Woo did claim to be quite a gassy guy...
Colin: Yeah definitely Matt Woo.
Tabitha: He's the new guy so he's still proving himself as far as being the gassy guy, but he's laying it down that that's very much going to be a possibility for our future.

POUZZA: Interview with The BCASA.. not to be confused with The BUKKAKE.

POUZZA: Interview with a Chicken who may or may not play in the band Dead To Me

Holy cluck, I interviewed a chicken! A chicken from a band I really clucking like! Cheers to being daysted. That's my new term for day wasted. PUNK AS CLUCK!
Okay, enough clucking around. Seriously. For clucks sake.
Oh, also, notice we talk bathrooms again... are you sensing a theme here or wh-ut. If you like how this is smelling you should check out my other blog, DirtyCans, and send us your dirty can pictures!

Interview with Colin from THE BRAINS!

So what makes you the ‘most insanest’ and ‘most undeadest’ !?
We party really fucking hard which usually ends up with some wild insane shit that should probably have killed us but we keep sneaking past death's cold grip haha.

Interview with Joel French!

If you live in Toronto and have any knowledge of the music scene in the city then you've probably heard of Joel French.

Interview with School Damage

Pre-CURSE-or: This interview was originally filmed and it was hilarious.. we drank, we joked, we rambled on about nothing for a good 30+ minutes.. but unfortunately the "Sarah Curse" reared its ugly, wort-ridden head, AGAIN, and the camera failed to capture a large portion of the interview. I think at some point in my life I must have knocked over some gypsy woman and broke her camera causing her to place a hex on me. Now every time I use a camera something goes wrong. Luckily I have learned to counter my curse by recording the audio as back up.. but that meant I had to spend 4 hours transcribing it last night. Sigh. BUT it was worth it! Whether on paper or on video this interview is entertaining as shit. The only thing really missing from this typed version is footage of Brad bursting out laughing, choking and spitting out his beer all over the place because some little kid was riding his bike up a hill mid-interview and toppled over. That was golden. Just picture it in your head instead and enjoy the interview!

Interview with Unbelievers


So, big Beyonce fans are we?
Blue: For sure! Isn’t everybody? She is really, really talented and so beautiful. I mean, if someone didn’t like Beyonce, I wouldn’t even trust them.
Green: Yeah, I would stab a dude that bad mouthed her. She’s like the most attractive woman ever.