Interview with Ravenscode !

You guys come across a bit cocky (rightfully so!) in most things I’ve read from you… do you think that confidence has helped propel you to where you are today in such a short period of time? Or was it the fact that you guys have gotten so far so fast that brought on the confidence?
In life you have to be your own cheerleader. If we don’t believe we are the greatest thing since (insert favorite band here) then who else will? It takes a certain personality to make it in this world and then it takes a completely different personality to make it in the music biz. Cocky? Confident? You can decide which one. All we know is we have done the best we can to create music for everyone to fall in love with.

How did you get played during the Detroit Red Wings games?
Being a band from Windsor, ON, a city that is right across the river from Detroit, we are tied in with the radio station there. 89x picks the best local talent for their segment at the Wings games called: “Motor City Music Minute”. They featured the song “Hero” which at that time was getting lots of spins on their station. We went to that game and it was a special feeling.

You guys are The Official band of the Oshawa Generals? How the hell did that happen?
Things don’t happen unless you make them happen. We picked up the phone and told them to listen. They did and the rest was history. We were in the studio at the time recording our full length album (out Feb 5 2013) and they asked to write them a song that will get the audience out of their seats. We present you the song “Now & Then”. This is the first season our music is going to be played in front of 4000 people every home game.

Clearly you guys are pretty big hockey fans.. Do you cheer for Toronto or for Detroit?
Are you noticing a trend? The only thing now is to have our music played in an NHL video game (are you reading this EA Sports?). We all love hockey. We would say that 50% of the band cheers for the Red Wings and the other 50% cheers for the Leafs. To prevent the band from breaking up in the winter months, we all have a mutual respect for each others team. But lets hope we never have to see a Leafs vs. Wings game in the Stanley Cup Finals.

British comic book artist Charlie Adlard (Savages, The Walking Dead) created the cover art for your first album… how the fuck did you get him to do it?
I would love to say that we have known Charlie for years but we would be lying. We emailed Charlie not to long ago and told him what we were trying to do, told him the album name (District of Broken Hope) and gave him a rough idea of what we wanted. Now at this point when we decided the album name the only person who popped in our heads was Charlie (we all love the Walking Dead series). Within 24 hours of sending that email to Charlie he sent back a “definitely yes”, as he is also a musician as well (drummer). He also sent back the very first concept of the cover and we knew that was it. As you can see in the picture below…it looks glorious.

Will you be working with Charlie again?
We have already come to an agreement. If Charlie’s band ever comes to Canada he will tour with us and when we tour the UK he will be the first on the bill. So yes. We will work with Charlie again. In terms of doing our art? We like to keep our fans you will have to wait till our second album.

Tell me what sets you guys apart from all the other alt rock bands out there?
This is a question that always sets up for the cliché answers. We understand that the only way we can keep doing this for a living is support the fans that support us. The only way we can do that is by a) giving them kick @$$ music that they will never get tired of listening to. b) actually taking the time to give them the time of day. If they take the time to write to us, we instantly write them back not just with a thank you, but engage with them because they are the ones that are going to be with us for the rest of our musical careers and c) give them a stage performance they will never forget. I am not talking the big lights, the smoke machines and the fire. We are talking about making each one of them feel like they are on stage there with us. Not anyone can do this or wants to do this. We make all three of these our top priority. We also have been told time and time again about how none of our music sounds the same. There is always something for everyone. And this is credited to the different musical background each member grew up with.

Where’d you get the name Ravenscode from?
Right around the time we were looking for a band name, we became fascinated by this story we heard on the news, that a group of people had driven themselves crazy by trying to find secret messages they believed where being broadcast to brainwash young children in the show “That’s So Raven”. They developed a decoder they called "ravenscode" to try to unlock the secret messages

You guys self-financed both your album (by sales from the pre-order) as well as small Ontario tours, and it sounds like it’s paying off for you more than most other bands I’ve talked to… are you one of the few actually making a profit right now?
A band has to be viewed as a business. Ravenscode is the CEO and in order for us to be a successful business, we have to have a team working with us including PR, Management, booking, Engineer etc. We wouldn’t want to work for free so why should they? There is a lot of money going out to our slowly growing team. Luckily we have managed to stay above the red line with album and merch sales and the people who pay for us to play. Making a profit? No. Being able to do what we love without going bankrupt? Most definitely.

What’s next?
Take over the world one fan at a time. We are fortunate that our music is heard and loved globally. In the past year we have noticed the crowds getting larger and larger. Now that we have this album coming out we are going to continue to do the thing that we love most, playing music. Next is a Canadian tour then a North American tour then the world tour. We also have plans for album number 2,3,4 and 5.


Thanks a lot guys!