Interview with Colin from THE BRAINS!

So what makes you the ‘most insanest’ and ‘most undeadest’ !?
We party really fucking hard which usually ends up with some wild insane shit that should probably have killed us but we keep sneaking past death's cold grip haha.

Interview with Joel French!

If you live in Toronto and have any knowledge of the music scene in the city then you've probably heard of Joel French.

Interview with School Damage

Pre-CURSE-or: This interview was originally filmed and it was hilarious.. we drank, we joked, we rambled on about nothing for a good 30+ minutes.. but unfortunately the "Sarah Curse" reared its ugly, wort-ridden head, AGAIN, and the camera failed to capture a large portion of the interview. I think at some point in my life I must have knocked over some gypsy woman and broke her camera causing her to place a hex on me. Now every time I use a camera something goes wrong. Luckily I have learned to counter my curse by recording the audio as back up.. but that meant I had to spend 4 hours transcribing it last night. Sigh. BUT it was worth it! Whether on paper or on video this interview is entertaining as shit. The only thing really missing from this typed version is footage of Brad bursting out laughing, choking and spitting out his beer all over the place because some little kid was riding his bike up a hill mid-interview and toppled over. That was golden. Just picture it in your head instead and enjoy the interview!

Interview with Unbelievers