Interview with alien punk rockers, Plan 37!

So first off let's break the ice, or rather melt the ice, with a random question I used to use to start off interviews... it has nothing to do with your band whatsoever but it's something that I'm really curious about...: Are farts ever  NOT funny!?
Off the top of my head, no! Not a chance. And I'd like to believe that!
Cindy:Maybe at a funeral or something? Like at church for a funeral..
Paul: When you meet the elderly grandparents of a girlfriend or something?
Shawn: But that's funny to me!
Paul: It's funny after, but at the time it's like 'oh no'
Shawn: It's still funny, farting in general is funny.
John: What's that movie with the Canadian comic where they went to space and shared a space suit and the one dude farted but they had the lifeline between them and you see the fart bubble go through?
Shawn: See, that's still funny.
John: Well... for the guy farting.
Shawn: I've never farted - and I've farted in many situations - but I've never farted and not laughed.
John: It's true, you can always laugh no matter what, if it's you or if it's somebody else even if the situation is really bad.
Shawn: I remember farting once at work and it was a little more than a fart, uh, and I had to go home and change my pants.
Paul: I did that at work once too and it was, uh, funny but not as funny. It was a long subway ride home.
Shawn: I thought it was great! I like experiencing new things.
John: It was after my first 2L tub of Rolo Ice Cream that let me know yeah you don't need to be sitting down to poop. It will happen. Fucking Nestle!

So, are you guys aliens?
That's just like, our gag on Facebook, we say we're aliens but we're actually from another dimension of another Earth and we just visit Earth Prime, this one, to hang. We like the people here, there's a lot of interesting better people on Earth Prime.
Paul: We're a lot less popular here.
Shawn: Oh yeah, Earth 37 we're huge. We beat that game.
Paul: One life.
Shawn: We never even got small. No fire power the whole time.
John: We got the space mushroom and solar flare, or fireballs.. umm no they were nice enough to pick me up on the way to Earth, a lot of shit has been happening on my planet. Lot of illegal immigration, people from Earth trying to get in.. our economy isn't doing so well and we need somebody to blame so, Earth, but yeah I got here and it's great. Never been better!

How'd you get here, Spaceship?
When we showed up we used something similar to a Boom tube

and it ended up way out there in Sector, what sector was it?
John: 7G?
Shawn: Yeah something very close to 7G, I want to say it was like somewhere like 667 or something like that.
John: It was the neighbour of the beast.
Shawn: and then we had to buy a spaceship to get here.
John: When they picked me up I was just using a shake weight.

Where do you hide the spaceship?
Ooh, Paul... ... he's going to keep his pants on but let's just say it's in the hanger.
Paul: It folds. It's collapsible, you know like those cool scooters? It's like that.

Why all the binary code?
We're a big fan of math, numbers, when it comes down to it. It's the easiest way to talk to each other. 0100101
John: 001011101 101
Shawn: 001. It makes sense to us, it really does.

So how'd the band start? Most of you were in the Roman Line right?
*points at Cindy* This is Pod post op!
Shawn: Well when we got here to Earth Prime there was already a Paul, a John and a Shawn but 2 can't exist at the same time. and we offered Pod to play with him but he was like you just killed my friends, fuck you guys. So we found another dude Petey 7, I like to call him Popsicle Pete..
John: It's true, he is made of Popsicles.
Shawn: and you know he came then he went off to law school and we got Cindy here.
John: Who guaranteed us she will never go to law school.
Shawn: Yeah she's promised. We had to go back to Earth 37 to grab her and bring her back, and obviously had to get rid of the Cindy from here first.

How long ago was that?
I joined in September. They messaged me asking if I wanted to play one show and they asked me at that show if I wanted to be in the band.
John: It was kind of like a 14 year old courtship, like, did you like the show... do you like us..
Shawn: I remember playing that show and going outside and smoking a cigarette and being so angry at myself for how shitty I played, like ugh I was going to ask Cindy to be in the band and I played so fucking terrible I don't know what to do, and then John walked up to me and goes 'yeah so Cindy joined'!

Were you guys all friends before that?
We had played shows together with my old band and their old band.
John: Yeah I think we were the ones out of our old bands who got along the best and it was just like those perfect storm kind of moments. Not like the popular movie, but something that benefits bands.
Cindy: Yeah there's a shark in that I don't like. I actually will walk away from the TV when it's on the screen.
John: Sharks are the assholes of the sea.

How'd you decide on the name Plan 37?
Well I guess the first 36 just didn't work! We're just moving on, eventually we'll become Plan 38 when we skip this dimension and go to another Earth, then Plan 39, eventually it will be Plan 69 which I hear is a funny joke here!

How long have you guys been around for?
In total? Probably about a year and a half, something like that. Not long. Pete was in the band for pretty much a spring and a summer then Cindy jumped in.

When I was researching you guys for questions I couldn't really find too much about you... so how would you describe your band to people who want to know what you're all about?
Fun. Happy. Interesting. Not pretentious. Just, good old dirty punk rock.
Shawn: I know it doesn't really describe music or anything but the first word he said, fun, we've said from the beginning like when Cindy was joining we said we're here to play in a band and play shows but the main goal at the end of the day is to have fun. In our old bands we had fun but we took ourselves too seriously at times and it kind of ruined it at the end of the day, so now our main goal is to have smiles on our faces and hopefully the people watching have smiles on their faces too.
Cindy: Yeah I took time off music for a while because I was just like, fuck it, I need a break. And then they came up to me and said it was all about having fun and I was like okay I'll do it.

You're working on a 7" right now, when's that coming out?
Right now it's at a stage that I can't exactly predict, the record is getting the lacquer done.. I'd like to explain what that is but even I'm confused. It's going to be released on Merman Records!
Cindy: But it's done, it's all recorded and everything.
Shawn: Yeah in the next few weeks we'll be working with the pressing plant so we're hoping for a release show in June. And that's also based on our schedule you know.
Cindy: It's gotta be after our world tour.
John: The Earth tour is 2 dates in May.

One being my birthday, May 26th at Sneaky Dee's! What's the 7" called?
It doesn't really have a title, it's a split with the Fairmounts, our Earth Prime pals, and the way we've done it is we're going to have separate covers on each side and there's no real title, just like Plan 37/Fairmounts split.

Who did the cover art for your side?
John did!
John: You gotta do something right. It just happened to be the cover art.

Do you have plans for a full length?
No plans for a full length, but we want to record soon and do 6 songs, release 4 of them on a split cassette tape with a band called The Clydesdales from London/St. Thomas Ontario, they're super old good pals of ours. The singer Matty played in a bunch of bands with me back in the day, on the other Earth of course. So yeah that's our next plan.
Cindy: And there's a compilation coming out soon, with Cactus Vella, he's doing a comp with Brutal Youth, School Damage, Teenage X.
Shawn: I think it's called something like The Best Punk Bands Of Southern Ontario or something, it'll be a free download on bandcamp. I'm not entirely sure about the release date but that will be coming soon. And other than that I think we all agreed that for the next while we just want to do 7" and smaller releases and stuff
Cindy: Nobody does full lengths anymore really..
Paul: Nobody has the attention span.

You have the 2 shows in May, any other plans for the summer?
July 19th there's something at the 460.
Cindy: We're just starting to go out of town now, we're playing Guelph next week then we have London and Guelph and somewhere else with Captain Bringdown and the Buzzkillers, but that's not until September!

What are some of your favourite local bands right now?
It's funny I was just saying to a guy at my work, he moved here from BC in September and was asking about bands and I was like dude you came at the right time because I am loving the Toronto punk bands right now, like Brutal Youth, School Damage, The Victim Party, Fairmounts, Careers In Science.
John: It's finally a good time for well supported bands, and I hate to use the word but scenewise things are really good. People are coming out to shows, they're happy to support the bands and on the other side of the coin there's actually really great bands to give people a reason to come out. It's finally good. It was 10 years of people trying their hardest and stepping over each other. Now we're playing and having fun, actually enjoying it, so it's a really good time.
Cindy: We get emails now asking if we want to play shows and we're like what, you're asking me to play a show? You would have never asked three years ago, it's really cool, everybody is super friendly now.