Interview with Colin from THE BRAINS!

So what makes you the ‘most insanest’ and ‘most undeadest’ !?
We party really fucking hard which usually ends up with some wild insane shit that should probably have killed us but we keep sneaking past death's cold grip haha.

Your album cover for The Monster Within is fucking awesome, who did it?
Our very good and insanely talented friend "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin ( did it for us. He also did the cover for Zombie Nation so he was the natural choice as we wanted some extreme badassery.

How was your Canadian Music Week?
It was fun! We got to hang out with a lot of our musician buddies and label guys. Much drink was had by all.

What should somebody like myself who has never witnessed you live expect?
Expect the unexpected, that's my best advice haha. We go up there and try to play ourselves raw to the bone. No second chances , no do overs. Every show is our most important show. If you give a damn to come see us then we owe you the sickest show you've ever seen. It's always a raging good time.

You were asking fans to send you questions for a Q&A video, has that been posted yet?
No we're still trying to decide on which questions are best but as soon as Rene returns from Mexico where he's recording a band we'll film it and post it up. Should be fun haha

Did you get any fucked up questions?
Absolutely!! "Who has the biggest ****?" "Will u marry me?" and lots more ... those are just off the top of my head. I honestly haven't had a chance to go through all of them yet. We're probably gonna throw some of the weird ones in the video.. why not right?

If you had to choose between only writing/performing instrumentals or only writing/performing non-instrumentals which would you choose?
Are you talking about DO-WOP??? haha No i mean if it was between instrumentals and accapella i'm sure we'd go with instrumentals hahaha. It's fun to just rock out.

You’ve got a pretty intense tour schedule coming up, what do you guys do on the road to stay sane?
The trick is to forget sanity all together. From the moment you leave your door step you gotta go into tour mode. Lots of booze, no sleep and super long drives. If we tried to maintain some form of sanity and normalcy we'd probably steer ourselves into a telephonepole after too long haha.

Who are you playing with in Toronto at the Rockpile?
Some awesome bands!! We have The Matadors who are always wild on stage, The Koffin Kats who are basically family at this point and The Turbo ACs who are just rad as hell.

Does the name The Brains refer to your nuts? Heh.
Definitely , Big Big salty sacks of man marbles.