Interview with Jared and Brad from The Killin' Time Band


“The world’s best party band” is a bold statement. Were you high when you said it?
JARET: Most Likely yes that would be a good bet.
BRAD: Hahahaha the odds are good we were and the folks in the audience yelling it at us :)

When (and if) you sober up, do you still think you’re the world’s best party band?
JARET: Of course, we work just as hard as we play, we give our all no matter what we're doing.
BRAD: We sober up everyday to go to work like every hard working Canadian Band. We have been together for almost 8 years playing an average of 200 shows a year. If we didn't believe we were the worlds best party band and didn't know how to throw a party and have a good time there is no way we would still be rocking out together and releasing our 3rd album! To us Music is a blessing and one of the greatest ways to forget about all the rest of life's bullshit! The free drinks & beautiful girls dancing don't hurt either.

Do you play every gig high?
JARET: I'm not allowed to, sometimes I forget that there are other people there, so the rest of the band has limited me as when I can partake.
BRAD: I would say some of us do and some of us don't! a good percentage of the gigs we play are for Cannabis related events and they definitely come with their perks hahaha. We don't mess around when we cross borders to play shows thats just crazy but if a kind friend in the audience happens to pass along a little something along thats a no brainer. We never set out to be a Cannabis band just a bunch of dudes who love to Jam and party and make a living doing what we love. !0 years ago in my previous band we were invited to play Hempfest. I have returned every year since with whatever group I am playing with and for the last 8 years that has been KTB. Through our times and experiences at Hempfest and all the related events we have played from our involvement there we have come to understand that Cannabis is a lot more than getting stoned. We have met a lot of amazing people who have debilitating sickness's and Cannabis helps improve their quality of life versus the poison that Big Pharma is prescribing for them. These people have such a zest for life and understanding of Cannabis and Hemps importance to our planets survival. Needless to say the last 10 years have been very eye opening.

Does weed hinder your practicing?
JARET: George Carlin once said "Smoke pot when you write, drink when you perform."
BRAD: Not really! As a band that gigs 200 shows a year we rarely practice, maybe 2 or 3 a year if we have a random show coming up that isnt our usual material. Although we have been practicing for the last few weeks getting the tunes from the new CD ready for the release shows, so yes I would say I have been high for all of those practices and wouldnt know if it hinders me cause I was high hahahaha.

Do you ever have problems with your stoner fans forgetting to show up to your gigs?
JARET: Nah we have so many shows that even if they show up at wrong place on the wrong day, there's a good chance that we're playing there too.
BRAD: I forgot the question.... oh wait no I don't think so Stoners are great at remembering the things they wanna do. Fortunately for us getting down at a KTB show seems to be high on the list.

Have you ever gotten so high you peed your pants and didn’t notice?
JARET: uhm that would be drunk and no, no I haven't
BRAD: Oh my! Can't say I ever have been so high (on pot) I peed my pants although I was just in Cuba a few months ago and I bellied up to the open bar for a long stretch. When I got up to finally pee I was a lot drunker than I thought and had to do that super cool quick shuffle/ pee pee dance to the bathroom. When i got there I was jumping up and down trying to get my pants undone but of course the tab from my fly was stuck and before I could get it out I ended up letting loose. Unfortunately my room was right on the Ocean and the only way there was to walk through the stage area where most of the resort was watching the show. I stumbled right past the stage with everyone looking and laughing at the drunk guy in Piss Jeans that was awesome, but hey its the all inclusive way :)

So your new album One Set To Freedom will be released on 4 20 (surprise!), how do you guys plan on celebrating?
JARET: It was actually a bit of an accident that we're releasing the CD that day. We had booked the show as one of our 2 or 3 "Big" Band shows that we do every year. These are shows where we invite some of our incredibly talented good friends to come play with us as a 9 piece band and it just so happened we were finishing our CD just in time to put it out so it made sense to make that the day. I plan on celebrating by driving Brad home after he drinks all my beer tickets hahahaha! And then drinking his beer and smoking his pot at his house!
BRAD: We plan on starting early and celebrating all day!! We have worked for two years to finish our 3rd album, we have been through births, divorces, deaths and lots of other crazy shit over the last few years that almost derailed the project but we finally got it finished. We are very proud of what we have accomplished and are very excited to play our new music for our amazing fans and show our music to some new ones.
Im sure the day will start like many others get up early smoke a joint drink a coffee and load the van. Head to Yonge and Dundas for Set up & Soundcheck then head down the street for a quick press deal a few beers then up onto the Yonge and Dundas Square stage for the 420 Rally to play our first set of the day at 1PM for a huge crowd of Cannabis supporters. From there we will load back into the van and head for Hamilton to play the 420 Rally at Hamilton City Hall at 4:20PM do a little partying there with some great people then pack the van one more time (We have a designated driver!!) and head over to The Boston Manor in Burlington to set up and soundcheck for the Big CD release show. The night time show doors are 8PM and our friends My Son The Hurricane will be taking the stage at 9PM. My Son The Hurricane are a 14 piece Organic Hip Hop group from St Catharines who are embarking on their own tour over the next few weeks. These guys kick ass and are worth the price of admission themselves. While the crew switches over from My Son to KTB our Homeboys Mac N Awe & MCB will entertain the crowd, then The full 9 piece band takes the stage to jam out the rest of the night!

What does the title stand for?
JARET: We've been playing a lot of shows for a lot of years and sometimes at the end of a long stretch of shows its a way of getting back up for that last set. When your dog tired and you don't have much left in the tank it's kind of like a rallying cry. And I like to think that it applies to everyone across the board. You know when your having one of those weeks at work where it feels like you've been jogging in mud for 4 days and tomorrows friday, you know "one set to freedom" It was also fun to send a shout out to all f our friends who have been doing this for years with us. It's not a tough job by any stretch, quite the contrary I could not dream of doing anything else but sometimes you just need to know that there's just one set left.
BRAD: "One Set To Freedom" is the title track from the new CD. It came from a joke and eventually a song we wrote for all of our hard working Canadian musician friends. We are so fortunate to do what we do for a living but like everything it has those nights. Playing a 3 set show in some town where no one has any idea who you are and 5 people showed up. We used to say to ourselves as we got to the last set ... "Okay Boys One Set To Freedom"

How often do you play with a full 9 piece band?
JARET: As often as we can afford to pay them., usually 2 to 4 times a year. It started as a christmas party that we invited some friends to come play with us at the Pearl Company in Hamilton and we all had a blast so now we try to do it whenever we can.
BRAD: We perform with the 9 piece band approx 6 or 7 times a year. The band is made up of some serious motherfucker working musicians so its hard to find days all the stars align and everyone is in town on the same day. Mostly we use the band for large festival shows in the summer. Nothing like touring around all summer playing and partying at different festivals, to us thats what its all about.

How many people do you normally play with?
JARET: We are normally a 4 piece band.
BRAD: Our usual band line up is a four piece. Two guitar/ vocals frontmen, Bass & Drums.

Are you guys in support of legalizing marijuana or just content to enjoy it illegally?
JARET: I will never understand why it is still illegal. I fully support the legalization of the Cannabis plant. As a medicine, as a fuel, as a food and as a textile it is by far the most versatile and usable plant on the planet, and we've gone ahead and made it illegal. And why, because an ambitious and corrupt politician, some racist lawmakers, and a couple criminal businessmen decided to dupe the public in order to further their duplicitous agendas. Harry Anslinger, William Hearst and companies such as DuPont and Ford among others found that, though they had different goals, they had a common enemy in this plant, and so they lied about it. It is perhaps the single, most glaringly obvious example of hypocrisy and greed in our society as a whole. To keep this plant illegal is a crime.
BRAD: I would say our beliefs go far beyond legalizing Cannabis. We are musicians not spokespersons so I am sure many of our friends could do a better job but Cannabis prohibition is ridiculous. It has been a farce since day one backed by fear propaganda and lies to keep making the rich richer, fill privatized prisons and enslave the population. Beyond Cannabis and getting "Stoned" Hemp as an industry could solve many of the issues our Country & planet have today. Hemp is an amazing and hearty crop that could replace many of the resources we are diminishing at alarming rates, it can be made into food, building materials, paper, bio fuel even plastics. Hemp is an annual crop, extremely hearty and will grow in very poor conditions. We continue to cut down our forests, conquer other countries for their oil, feed our children genetically engineered and untested food, allow our sick to die because there is no profit in treating their disease with Cannabis. The only people that have anything to lose from legalizing Cannabis and creating a thriving hemp industry are those that have everything and control the system.

Do you guys make a living off this band?
JARET: I made a living off just music for 10 years but it's hard to raise a family and buy house without a hit song or touring constantly so we all do other jobs as well. Brad does web design and graphic, Paul owns his own custom drum line called durum, Brian is a guitar tech, and I work for Long & McQuade as a PA department manager. I enjoy the gear side of music quite a bit. I worked in a recording and rehearsal studio while I was playing in other bands for years and I came to enjoy solving gear puzzles. Figuring out what someone needs and then putting it together and making it work. It's fun for me.
BRAD: We all have "day jobs" in some form or another. When Im not playing with the band I also run my own web & graphic design business & work part time at our local music store to keep my mortgage paid. We all work within the music industry off stage but Live music has always been our driving force for sure.

You guys seem super involved with charities, do you have anything like that on the go right now?
JARET: I have always felt lucky that somehow I've managed to fall ass backwards into the life I always wanted. I have a beautiful family, I play music and play with gear for a living. I love my family and friends. I'm lucky so therefore I should never hesitate to give back. Karma is real and when your lucky enough to get what you want, that means you owe somebody so I don't don't look at it as charity work, I just see it as paying my due. If an opportunity is presented to me to pay a little of what I owe, if I can do it I will.
BRAD: We have always felt that we were fortunate enough to have a platform and a group of people that follow us, it would be a shame to take that for granted or let it go to waste by not using some of our influence to help others. We are just a small Canadian band partying our way through life but we have definitely gotten behind some causes. We donated $5000 from the sales of our last CD "3 Day Weekend" to The Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital In Burlington to buy some life saving equipment. We have performed in The U.S for the make a wish foundation. Just last weekend we played a fundraiser where all proceeds were going to Breast Cancer research and I also run a Movember team in Burlington that has over 100 members and through organizing our own events and raising awareness in the last 6 years our team has raised over $50,000. We all feel its important to be a part of our community, give back, educate and empower.

Why should Toronto come watch you guys on 4 20?
JARET: Young and Dundas Square will be the place to be! Join the people and have your voice heard through the most enjoyable protest you'll ever attend. We'll be there to shake your ass and make you sing. Why would you want to be anywhere else.
BRAD: First off people should come to the 420 Rally to show their support for all these people fighting for your rights. Second cause Canada's Best Cannarock band is coming to town to Shake some asses and Jam out!! Can't wait.