Interview with Nick Babeu of Trigger Effect!

Where’d the name Trigger Effect come from? The movie… Yu-Gi-Oh!?
Hah! The name was something that we settled on a long time ago after toying with a few options. We later found out it was a movie with Elizabeth Shue, whom our web guy has a huge crush on. Or at least used to. The movie wasn't bad as far as I remember. Yu-Gi-Oh? Isn't that pokeman's cousin? Or something you wear on your belt? Not sure what the connection is there.. But I would like to know.

Your upcoming album, What’s Left To Eliminate (out April 30th!) is your first conceptual album… described as ‘a narrative about one man's metaphysical search for truth, meaning and himself in all the wrong places, culminating in a tragic act of desperation which produces a seemingly contradictory result.’ … is this based on your real life?
Hihihi, no. As far as I'm aware, none of us has had any soul-shattering existential crises compounded with successful suicide attempts lately.. I guess there was that one time at the jazz squat in Amsterdam.

What made you decide to take the conceptual route?
Not sure.. I guess it just came from our constant drive to make things better and more fun and more interesting.
It's one thing to mash a bunch of random songs onto a disc, but its another thing to make the disc flow conceptually from beginning to end. I feel like there's just more to it, like a whole other layer of stuff going on.
Music, especially individual songs, are so cheap and disposable these days, I feel like we wanted to make something a little more interesting and substantial. We had done something similar with 'Escape From Planet Scorpion', and so this was an opportunity to take that sort of idea and make it into something even bigger.
The story is something that sprouted from the back of my brain after lots of reading. I like reading all kinds of weird shit, abstract philosophy, metaphysical stuff, golden dawn, all those weird systems. Just taking the time to consider things that aren't necessarily available empirically.
It was funny, I showed some of the lyrics I was working on for the album to Pat (our lead guitarist) and he noted that it was somewhat similar to a book he had been reading, Demian by Hermann Hesse.
I read it (fantastic book btw) and it does have a weird parallel to our story, which is kind of odd and fun.

So, IS there anything left to eliminate?
Sure. If there wasn't it would either be very boring or way too fantastic.

I just asked this exact same question in a review earlier today, but I’m going to be environmentally friendly and recycle it for you now: What’s Ian Blurton like in real life? Once he said I was cool over Twitter and I crapped my pants I was so flattered…
He's incredibly good looking, once you can manage to catch a glimpse of his radiant face.
Low-key, no bullshit, easy to get along with. Doesn't drink beer. (wtf? i know)
Hilarious and sarcastic at the right moments.
If you hold both hands up in claw shapes and scream 'necro-production' as loud as you can, you'll have a pretty good idea of what he's like as a person.
Also, huge muscles.

How did you team up with him?
Our first cross canada tour in 2007 was with Bionic, which was fronted by an old bandmate of his, John Cummings. Not many people know that they co-founded Treble Charger together back in the early 90s.
So we had that kind of peripheral connection to him before we ended up playing some shows with C'mon in various places around Canada.
We liked some stuff he had produced before, so we called him up and he was into doing the record.

So according to Quebec your business is Tur-Beaux Machine ?
Actually, it turns out that the QC govt didn't actually have such a big problem with our company name as we thought. It turns out that the issue was that the french and english versions of our company name didn't match exactly. It all worked out ok, now we're registered as Turbo Machine.

You’re playing Sled Island this year, have you played before?
Yep, this will be our 3rd time there.

Who are you most excited to see there?
It'll be awesome to see UBT and Burning Love over there.

What percentage of your time at those kinds of festivals is spent partying vs actually watching the other bands?
Hmm. Seems like a trick question. They're not mutually exclusive are they?
I'd say we spend pretty close to 100% of our time doing both. Last time at Sled we played a show with the Bronx at broken city... and let me tell you that if we've ever done both at the same time, that was a shining example.

Long Island Iced Teas = lethal? I smell a good story…!
I'm sure there is a good story in there somewhere... If I could remember it.
All i know is that as we were finishing production on the record, we decided that some nice drinks were in order, and the appropriate drinks were long island iced teas. So we went out and bought and the necessary accoutrements (do you know how much fucking booze is in those things!? Jesus god) and Ian displayed his splendid mixologist skills. He's really quite good. Those drinks are so delicious that you don't fully realize that you're guzzling pure liquor until it's too late. We all screamed 'necro-production' really loud over and over and hi-fived and ended up at our neighborhood bar and left without paying.

Tell me about Turbo Haus – the multimedia art space in Montreal? Is it band owned? How did that come about?
It is. Turbo HaĆ¼s is a space that came together after a series of fortunate incidents that all lined up in a really weird and awesome way. We were inspired by the way people do things DIY in europe, particularly at all the cool squats that we end up in. KOPI 137 in Berlin, Hafenklang in Hamburg, Metelkova in Ljubljana just to name a few. We found it really awesome the way people over there would just come together with a common goal, and work and fight for it until it became a reality, despite any social, legal or financial obstacles that might pop up.
So we ended up with a perfect little space right downtown, got some friends in a local art collective (En Masse) to come do righteous murals, and put in the work to set up an awesome stage, sound etc.
We just came off a weekend doing a couple of events for Concordia University's radio station. It was awesome.

You’re playing Sneaky Dee’s on April 27th! Have you played Sneaks before?
We certainly have. Great place. Tasty burritos.

In one line convince people to come out and see the show, GO:
Do you enjoy getting very dirty and sweaty while experiencing an overwhelming sensation of danger and exhilaration in the midst of a rain of spit, blood and broken objects? No? Too bad.