Interview with Sam Coffey of Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs!

First and most importantly: Whose tits are on your first album cover?
A lady we found on kijiji, it was really weird. We were asked to leave the room shortly after.

So, apparently those who see your show are in for odd puking and rock related injuries eh? Give me some examples!
That was a long time ago and another band ago, but yes I used to puke and have rock related injuries. The band used to be out of Kitchener, Ontario up until last September with different members and we were a motley crew. There are youtube links, I’m sure. Since I moved to Toronto, the lineup has changed. I try not to puke anymore, gentlemen don’t puke.

What does Shin No Skin mean?
When we first met the guys from First Base (I’m their #1 fan), Tyler (our old drummer) thought that Shinnosuke introduced himself as “Shin-No-Skin”. We have been asked if we are a Skinhead band a few times. Misrepresentation is pretty great. We aren’t skinheads though.

Kyle from Mockingbird Wish Me Luck has said some really amazing things about you guys, including something about showing up with no instruments and using an empty guitar case as a kick drum? True story?
Yes that is a true story, but that was definitely not one of our amazing moments. Kyle is a nice guy.

Do you write all the music (Sam)?
Yes I do.

Are there ever been any ill feelings toward the name of the band? I always wonder this when a band name contains the name of a member…
Nope. I didn’t even name the band. I wanted to be called Jungle Boys.

Do you draw influences from any specific country music?
I still like country music a lot but we don’t really play country music anymore. The new lineup plays more Meatloaf/E street type stuff. But I love country music and I always will.

How’s the new album coming along? Sound-wise is it the same, different, similar, better, worse, louder, slower, uglier, fatter, fuglier, what?
I’m very excited for the new album. It doesn’t sound anything like the old stuff, it’s pretty in your face, a lot more glam, more roll than rock, and there are 6 of us. Ben Cook is helping us record it. So far I am beyond proud of it, check out “Gates Of Hell” on our bandpage!

When can we expect to hear it?
Hopefully by next year if anybody ever presses it. It is prettttty tough to get your songs pressed to wax these days, but we are talking to a couple of really rad labels that might want to help us out. I used to really get urked that other people were getting their records made and I wasn’t, but I’m okay with being prince of the underground for a little while longer.

Have you found somebody to do the Lord of the Ring’s style album art yet?
I certainly have! And it is looking gooooooood.

Have you seriously gotten shit for the song “Lose That Bitch”?
Only by people who are too uptight to be taken seriously.

Is smoking weed mandatory for your band members?
Nope! Only three of us do it now.

You have an ‘ask me anything’ button on your site; do you get really weird questions?
I’ve never been asked a questions ☹

When’s your next show?
We juuuust played with Redd Kross, it was huge. Don’t know for sure when the next one is, maybe NXNE?

Any big shit coming up in 2013 for you guys?
A really good record, a themed 7”, and a tour out east.

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Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs
Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs
Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs