Interview with Spike from Me First And The Gimme Gimmes!

Have you ever run into any legal issues releasing a cover?
So far, so good--no legal entanglements. I think if you pay publishing (which we do) they can't stop you.

Have the original artists ever expressed to you how much they either hate / love your version?
The Eagles had their management contact us to express how much they disliked our cover of Desperado. (I must admit, I wasn't crazy about it, either...)

Have you ever actually offended an artist with your cover?
I imagine they were offended, or they wouldn't have bothered, right?

Are you still having as much fun with these covers as you used to?
How's this: the more covers we do, the more we get to go to exotic (for me, anyway) first world locales, the more familiar I become with said locales, the more fun I have. Doing covers.

How do you decide on the costumes for each show? Audra is the evil, sartorial genius behind our outfits, and her word is law.

Can you give us some hints as to the songs you’ll be covering for the Spanish, French, German Italian etc. EP’s coming up?
We (Mike) scrapped the foreign language idea, and have decided instead to go with Divas. You know who you are!

You clearly have endless options for Me First songs; do you anticipate being around until you just can’t play music anymore?
I hope to go long before I can no longer play music... wait--what?

Do you have a favourite cover to play?
I like playing Sunday Morning Coming Down, by Johnny Cash.

What has been your favourite genre to tackle?
I guess show tunes was my favorite.

What do the fans want to hear the most at shows? Misanthropic tirades from Mike.

Did you know Japanese already?
Not even enough to get me in trouble.

If you didn’t, how the FUCK did you manage to learn it so well for the Singing In Japanese album?
Mimicry. (Mockery?--fine line)

How’d you select the tracks to cover for that one? One of Mike's friends suggested them.

What was the reaction in Japan to you guys singing to them in Japanese? Positive.

What percentage of the time on stage / in the studio would you say you guys are drunk?
I no longer imbibe, so for me it'd be zero. The others more than make up, though. As does the fact that I am a total cunt on and off-stage, and in or out of the studio. 100% of the time. Just ask Audra.

Do you have beef with Richard Cheese?
Nope. Got cut when I was 11.