Interview with Unbelievers

You guys have shared the stage with so many degrees of rock, from The Misfits to Arkells… CJ Ramone to The Ataris to the Salads… where’s your niche?
The great thing about Unbelievers is that we’ve been able to reach across many different genres of music to win ourselves a very diverse fanbase. Our sound is very melodic which appeals to a pop crowd. Our at times gritty lyrical content and our hi octane live shows appeal to lovers of more aggressive music. We’ve never followed trends in music, we’ve never tried to fit in or do what’s ‘cool’ and I think that our fans really like that honesty.

Do you have any CJ Ramone stories?
One day there was a message from CJ on my phone. It said he had heard all about my band and that he wanted to meet up for a beer or a coffee. I had seen CJ perform at Bovine for NXNE the night before. I bet you he saw me in the front row singing, dancing and nearly crying with joy and thought I was a freak haha. I found out later he had asked around to find out who I was and to get my number. I had CJ meet me in Chinatown at Tim Horton’s. The coolest thing about our little coffee date was that we didn’t talk about music. He wanted to know about my work with autistic children (I’m an early childhood educator) because he son is autistic. It is so rad when your idols turn out to be really cool people.

What was it like to work with Joe Queer on The Guts and the Gory? Does he drop the N*bomb a lot? (referring to the recent Queers show at the Horseshoe)
In all the years that I’ve been friends with Joe, he’s never made a racial slur. He’s grumpy yes, but not racist. I must have missed that at the show. Working with Joe helped me to see how real professionals work which definitely helped me to hone my work ethic and become more focused on my craft. We got to record at one of the most famous pop punk studios (Sonic Iguana) with some of our idols who we grew up listening to (Mass Giorgini from Screeching Weasel mixed and mastered our album and Phil Hill from Teen Idols was our engineer). Joe even played guitar on a track and sang back ups on a couple songs. Once again, it’s so cool when your idols end up being really nice and grounded.

So Joe Queer and Rene D La Muerte (The Brains, The Mahones) are in a raft for some reason and it’s heading towards Niagara Falls… you’re in a rescue ‘copter above them but you only have time to save ONE… you have a new album coming up that you need a producer for… WHO DO YOU SAVE?
Well if you know anything about Joe it’s that the man must have nine lives considering the amount of crap that he used to put his body through back in his party days. I’d save Rene, Joe will be totally fine .

Talk up your new album It’s Not Luck You Need in one sentence only, GO.
This new album is a collection of infectious melodies that will leave you hitting the repeat button at your next party.

What’s the title mean to you?
Luck and being lucky is cool but you can’t rely on luck. In order to actually get anywhere in life you need to be prepared and work your ass off.

Can you name all 240 countries your new album is available in this week? (Please don’t, yes or no is fine!)

How’s your album selling so far? Did you get a lot of pre-sale action?
I haven’t seen any sales figures yet but we have received messages from fans all over the world saying they love the new songs.

So, are you on tour?
We do a lot of shows around Ontario and we’re heading out for a small tour of Quebec in a couple weeks. It’ll be fun to play small towns that I’d never heard of before.

How did you get on Electric Circus?
My girl Kim was doing makeup for the zombie-themed intro to a special Halloween edition of Electric Circus. She wanted a zombie couple and cast me and Hank (my drummer/boyfriend). It was pretty awesome watching and learning how to apply zombie makeup. I zombified my friend’s 10 yr old son for Halloween with the tricks I learned.

Do your videos get played on MuchMusic?
Not yet but maybe soon!