POUZZA: Interview with The BCASA.. not to be confused with The BUKKAKE.

Once upon a time The BCASA were called the B*ll C*sb* Anarchist Society of America, but said B*ll C*sb* did not want to be part of an anarchist society, in FACT he didn't even want his name to be associated with one.
How...... rude.

dun dun duuun.

Was it Bill Cosby himself who contacted you about the name?
Wes: No, not him personally, some woman named Karen or something sent us a letter.
Tarzan: It would have been way cooler if it was him!
W: Yeah he doesn't have time for chumps like us though ! The letter basically said he has no association with the likes of you sort of thing, were like aw come on man!

Why stick with The BCASA? Why not pick a new name? 
T: We did at the time! We were going to be called Dracula's Dick!
W: Oh yeah there was a few! We were going to be called Beethoven 2, or Dracula's Dick, or a few other strange ones!
T: Beethoven 2 was up there! But like, now we just sound exotic!
W: Yeah, it sounds like Spanish or something!
T: Or Italian!
W: And we got a good story out of it, so it was kind of a blessing in disguise.

So what would happen if you just kept using it? 
W: Well they just said that legal action 'may' ensue, so, it was like something could come of this... stop using the name or we could take legal action.
T: It's kind of a gray area legally, but they can easily sue us because they have the money to.

This question is obvious to me but I have to ask... why did you decide on a Ninja Turtle themed album?
W: Uh why didn't we decide on a Ninja Turtles themed album!! Are you kidding me!! We're all about those guys! We're just big kids on the inside, and me on the outside because I still look like I'm 8 years old, we've just always been about having a lot of fun and we know Ninja Turtles!
T: It's what we know best too, its subjects we know the best.
W: Yeah, write about what you know! And we know comic books and video games and stuff, we're just a bunch of nerds.

So for you guys it's easier to write songs about comic books instead of songs 'from the heart'? 
W: Yeah! We actually didn't know it was at first and we wrote a few and it just started flowing out..
T: We kind of then had the idea to go as far as possible with our stupidity, and then it became way too big and became an album.
W: Raz had written "Cowabunga Dude", which we have the video for:

And then I wrote a song called "Fuck You Shredder" because it was a saying we used to have from back in the day, like I used to yell it at my downstairs neighbour..
T: And now there's four "Fuck You Shredder" songs!
W: Yeah I wrote one, and then Raz was like 'yo I'm going to write one too' and it just got out of control. It was kind of like a joke gone too far already and now here we are like 15 songs later. And more potential legal trouble I'm sure..

Did you guys record this one on analog tape like you did with Fuck It Up Hard?
W: Yeah! We really liked the sound that we got off that one, we feel like it really captured what we were going for well so we did it again this time.

Who did the album art? 

T: Our buddy in Miramichi... I have no idea how he knew about us. 
W: Yeah he's a friend slash fan! I guess he saw us at a show or something or learned about us online, but how we heard about him was we had some really stupid doodles that we did while we were drunk, we had a sketchbook full of them
T: Yeah just super random stuff.. 
W: So he decided to photoshop them and make really nice versions of them and we were like 'what the fuck!!!!' so we printed those versions and we sold those at a few shows, and then we contacted him to see if he wanted to do our album art because he also took it upon himself to draw us as ninja turtles! So we were like fuck, ok lets get him to do it for us. 

Favourite Ninja Turtle and why?
W: If I had to pick one I'd say Mikey, he's always there to lighten the mood you know?
T: I like Donny's wisdom, you know!?
W: I actually don't have a favourite, they're all super badass in their own way. Leo's just solid, Donny's good with rationalizing and building things and Raph is just going to fucking kill you.
T: Leo's the leader..

I've always had a crush on Leo. 
W: I can see why. I would! I do.

If you were fighting Shredder what weapon would you use? 
T: A bunch of 'fuck you's!!
W: Oh shit... probably nunchucks... I don't know how heavy my swing is so I'd probably be better with  nunchucks!
T: I'd use swords, because they're cool as fuck.
W: And of course a lot of 'fuck you Shredder's!!

Do you really say that ['fuck you Shredder'] 85 times in the 40 minute album?
W: And change, I think there's a few we didn't account for in the first track because it's like a free style with background 'fuck you Shredder's and I don't know if we counted all of that. Officially we'll say 85 I guess.

Are you guys more influenced by hip hop or punk rock? 
W: It's a mix, as far as lyrics go, the first lyrics I ever wrote were hip hop lyrics when I was a little kid so that's just kind of what comes... it feels better for me to write in that kind of way, we listen to all kinds of shit though. We like good music in general! We're down with the experimental shit too so look out for that in the future... strange sounding things in future albums, ya know..

How far have you thought ahead? 
W: Sort of, we have a few things in the works.
T: We have several concept albums in the works!
W: One of them is something I wrote.. I was writing it as sort of a play at first, and then I was like no that's going to be way too hard to do so I just started writing music about it... I guess it's like a kind of sci-fi  sort of thing, like secret history of the Earth, to do with ancient dinosaur lizard humans controlling dinosaurs and humans living on the moon and shit...
T: And the other album concept was movies with The Rock in them.
W: Yeah, like "Can you smell what The BCASA's cooking... we might do an EP. That might be really dumb so we'll see how far we can take that.