POUZZA: Interview with a Chicken who may or may not play in the band Dead To Me

Holy cluck, I interviewed a chicken! A chicken from a band I really clucking like! Cheers to being daysted. That's my new term for day wasted. PUNK AS CLUCK!
Okay, enough clucking around. Seriously. For clucks sake.
Oh, also, notice we talk bathrooms again... are you sensing a theme here or wh-ut. If you like how this is smelling you should check out my other blog, DirtyCans, and send us your dirty can pictures!

How'd your show go last night? (Dead To Me played a secret show on the Saturday of Pouzza at Théâtre Ste-Catherine) 
CHICKtotheEN: It was fucking awesome. Super fun. I was fucking.. I mean we flew all day from San Fransisco and then we landed and I didn't know we were going to be playing a show that day, at all, and we were in the lobby and Hugo's like 'yeah you're playing a show at 2am' so.. yeah but it was fucking great!

Are you guys big Grade fans?
Nah, not really. It's going to be really cool playing with Lemuria though, we've never played with them before so that will be rad, stoked on that, like their songs!

You here to see bands or are you here to party?
haha, shit, I don't know if I'll see a lot of the shows, you know? there's a lot of buddies here and stuff, a lot of hanging and shit!

What do you think of Pouzza Fest so far, it being your first time here..
Well I'm really stoked that it's in Montreal, this is a place we always get excited about going because it's just such a cool, famous city. It's a big deal for us to come here each time we come! It's really cool to see an awesome punk rock festival in one of my favourite cities, you know what I mean? Like the Gainsville Fest is fucking rad, but do I love Gainsville? No, you know what I mean! It's a double win here, you can go and do the show stuff, do the punk stuff but then you can also enjoy Montreal. Walk around, look at all the pretty people... there's so many attractive people here.

What's the record you're working on right now going to be called?
Well... I have a name that I want to call it but I'm not sure if the other guys will go for it or not, but um I want to call it American Son Of Cholo and I don't know if they'll be into that, haha, but we'll see!

Do you have any idea of when you'll be releasing it yet?
I'm not sure, sometime next year, hopefully spring or early summer!

What's the most shitsgusting venue you've ever played in?
I want to say in Derby but I'm not positive that its that... it was in fucking England and it was just hideous dude, sooo nasty, everywhere. You didn't even want to sit your bag down, you're like 'my bag is going to get scabies'. Some of the squats we've played in Europe are just dirty as shit, you know what I mean?

What's the worst thing you've ever had to play through?
I fucked up my knee one time on the Strike Anywhere tour that we did, I did something to it really weird, we were in Russia... I think we were in Russia, I don't know, I did something to it and my fucking knee like totally blew up out of place and I couldn't even walk or anything and I had to play the show. I was like sitting on a fucking stool playing in so much pain, and I was sober so I wasn't taking any pills or anything and it was just a fucking nightmare. It hurt so bad! And I just felt so stupid, it feels so weird to just sit there, it's not that type of music!

But you still played! Have you ever thought to yourself "I can't play, I can't do this tonight"?
Uh, there have been times when I should have not played, being too wasted but yeah I played anyways!

Do you guys usually get really drunk before a you play?
Sammy drinks before we play, and Kenny maybe a little bit, I try not to drink and Ian will drink after.

So do you still get nervous?
Every show... every show. I'm certainly more comfortable now, you know what I mean? I feel like I know what I'm doing up there a little bit, as much as I probably ever will, but like I still get nervous every night. Our old guitar player, the guy that was in our band on the first record Jack, he's a lot older than me, he was like 'once you're not nervous anymore you shouldn't do it, because it means you don't care', you know, if you don't care you shouldn't be out there playing songs.

Did he stop getting nervous?
Haha, no he got married and had a kid! And he's in One Man Army so he's doing that now too!

So which member stinks up the tour van the most?
Oh, my guitar player Sam, that's an easy one! Yeah, he stunk up our entire.. like our whole end of the hotel room, there's like four rooms in there and his is the last one and the door's open and that whole fucking area is just gross dude it smells sooo bad! It's like, how do you do that? What do you do to your body to make it smell that bad!? It's weird!

Last but not least, what inspires your hurrr style!?

C: Haha, I don't fucking know, those guys were making fun of me for it and I was like dude I don't even fucking know, I just shaved half of it and was like 'I'm leaving this, fuck it!' Usually it's like a dude with long hair that has it, it's usually not a guy with short hair so I was just like I'm going to fucking do it, be a weirdo guy!