Interview with Darius from Swingin' Utters, formerly referred to as $wingin' Utter$

before all the rappers stole their $$.
It was actually Ke$ha.

I sat down with Darius before their FUCKING AMAZING show at the Horseshoe in Toronto. I already interviewed Johnny a few years back so basically we just shot some shit. Not literally.

Interview with Skinhead Rob from Transplants / Death March ! WARNING: RATED R FOR HARSH PROFANITY

My oldest bestest buddy Julian Warme (from The Johnstones) did me a huge solid and called up Skinhead Rob from the Transplants / Death March the other day to interview him for MusicSheBlogged while I was stuck at work like a sucker. Check it out!

POUZZA: Interview with some of THE VICTIM PARTY who got forced to talk to me in exchange for free booze!

Who smells the worst in your band? 
Tabitha: Matt Woo did claim to be quite a gassy guy...
Colin: Yeah definitely Matt Woo.
Tabitha: He's the new guy so he's still proving himself as far as being the gassy guy, but he's laying it down that that's very much going to be a possibility for our future.