POUZZA: Interview with Dumb Adults... not just any dumb adults, the band Dumb Adults

This interview is with all but one member of the band I believe, but I have no idea who is talking when so I'm just throwing it all together.. DEAL WITH IT I'm sleepy. And my tummy hurts. 

How would you describe your sound? 
We call our music 'power slop'! 

What's power slop? 
It's I guess aggressive punk rock but played a little bit sloppily! A little rough around the edges... and we're not ashamed of that! You get what you get! It's bush league punk rock. 

What's in store for your band after Pouzza?
We definitely want to record again, we have one EP out so far, self-titled, so yeah we are like one or two more songs away from recording again. I don't know if it's going to be a split or if it's going to be by ourselves or whatever, but we're going to hole up in our guitarists cottage again by the lake and spend a weekend recording and drinking. 

There's brothers in the band right? What's it like working together?
It's actually really really easy, we're one of those brother teams who are also best friends. 

Do you have plans to come to Toronto any time soon?
We would love to! It's a little hard right now because of our schedule but I would really love to soon. For sure it's in the plans, we just don't know when. And we're not too good at planning so... we're actually trying to play our first show in Ontario in July... in Ottawa, so hopefully we can swing it. We're playing here in Montreal on July 6th so we're trying to get a house show in Ottawa or something with a lot of other rad bands from Montreal! 

You guys played Pouzza last year.. how does this year measure up? 
It's a lot bigger, a lot more bands and a lot more venues so it makes it a little bit harder to do your planning.. but it's nice to see that the festival is growing, hopefully it keeps going. It's definitely fun, we get to see a lot of rad friends from all over the place and meet new people.. start drinking at 11am! Fun times! Always a blast. 

And now for the typical 'which band are you most excited to see' question! 
Victim Party! Definitely I think we can all agree that The Victim Party are the band we're all looking forward to seeing. They're a party, and they're close friends.. they made our show last night amazing! 

Oh shit were you guys with Pat last night? I just remembered I ran into you outside of the Glocca Morra show! I KNEW I recognized you from somewhere! How embarrassing. 
Oh yes!!! Yeah haha I had already blacked out by then I think! But yeah I vaguely remember that too! 

We got pretty off topic talking about how drunk we were the night before... if I wasn't so lazy I'd type it all out because it's pretty funny, but since I've been typing up interviews all night I'm going to just throw in a 'yadda yadda yadda' and carry on... suckers.

Do you have any tour horror stories? Any disgusting bathroom stories?
Oh yeah we do! But like, bathrooms, it's like if there's a shitter in there I'm good! 
I just need a bush! 
Oh but there was this one fucking guy who worked on the railroad and he was like, this tall.. probably 300 pounds..
Yeah this tall and looked like a potato!
Short, fat as shit! We got there and he was doing a shit ton of coke and he was daring us to start shit, just antagonizing everybody... and he was like 40.. 
No he looks 40 but he was like 29 or something!
Whaat, he looks like fucking 40! 
That's the danger of drugs, they make you look older than you are!
And they make you lose your teeth!
It's a terrible thing to do..
And it makes you a shitty person at a punk show!
Yeah this guy just started.. like kids were moshing, and this guy just kind of plowed through everyone and was being such a big dick and he like pushed Dave while he was playing, and then he like crashed into the PA, and our friend who was their roadie at one point.. this guy is like small and wiry.. he just grabbed him by the throat and was on top of him like telling him to calm the fuck down.
We had to stop playing to separate them! And then the bar didn't even kick him out. Apparently he did the same shit the last weekend and they kicked him out and he broke windows on about 15 cars in front of the bar. 
So, this is one time when being an asshole kind of pays off! 
'Kick me out and I'll break stuff!' ... 'Ok fine you can stay!'

Physically what's the worst thing you've ever had to play through? 
Well Dave, last year at Pouzza he was running a venue so he was like completely exhausted.. and we played pretty early on the Saturday afternoon, we got pretty drunk and he did too but he was running on very little sleep and a lot of work... and we had gotten through our set of songs and were like well shit let's play a couple more so we started playing and Dave just kind of stops... and he had his face down.. he had pretty much fainted! He didn't fall, but he kind of forgot where he was and almost passed out... and he stopped playing but nobody really noticed, they thought it was a joke!
And another Dave story, our first first show Dave had pneumonia and at first we weren't sure he would be able to play because.. he had pneumonia.. so we decided to just do the show the 3 of us and just not have guitar or something because we didn't want to cancel our show, but Dave the trooper that he is showed up and played the set with pneumonia, back vocals and everything, and then packed up his guitar and fucked off right after our set. But he made it through! Played through pneumonia, then through his fainting spell last year. 
We give him a hard time but he's alright!
Dave's alright!