POUZZA: Interview with some of THE VICTIM PARTY who got forced to talk to me in exchange for free booze!

Who smells the worst in your band? 
Tabitha: Matt Woo did claim to be quite a gassy guy...
Colin: Yeah definitely Matt Woo.
Tabitha: He's the new guy so he's still proving himself as far as being the gassy guy, but he's laying it down that that's very much going to be a possibility for our future.

How are things working out with him otherwise?
Tabitha: Oh awesome! I mean, we love Adam - Adams brother Kyle is still in our band and I work with Adam, we're good friends - but Matt Woo is totally a shot in the arm as far as getting us kind of going again. I think we kind of slumped and we weren't really doing much anymore..
Colin: He's like our B12 shot!
Tabitha: Yeah! He's eager to do everything too so it's nice, it makes us more inspired to do stuff.

Adam retired from music altogether? 
Colin: Yeah man, he's been in bands straight since he was like 16, that's like fifteen or sixteen years, so now he's just kind of like not wanting to put anything into it... I mean I understand completely where he's coming from, even our band which is a very minor commitment in terms of leaving home, it's still like a weekly commitment and then there's all that other stuff that comes along with it!
Tabitha: And it's different for Adam too because he's been in a band for so long and for a long time other than Colin and I, Adam was the only other one in a long term serious relationship, and it was easy for us because it's like ... we're in the same band so we get to spend a lot of time together anyway... but I can see how that can be annoying, to want to hang out with your girlfriend but then you have to spend every Saturday with five people.

Worst bodily function you've had to play through? 
Tabitha: For me the worst thing I've played through, and it happens every time, is nerves. Like I get serious stomach flip flops, like still, before go on stage, so playing through it is just 'pretending you guys aren't there'.

Do you drink before you play to try to get rid of them?
Tabitha: Uh, I had a long period of drinking a little tooo much before I went on stage, and I felt kind of sloppy about it.. I'd always walk off stage being like 'well that was fun but I wasn't on and I wasn't tight' so I've been trying to hold back on how much I drink before I play and I find I feel way better on stage and after about how I did.

Have you ever had to play while suffering from diarrhea? 
Colin: Oh diarrhea is the worst because when you're singing you're constantly like, working the muscles around your diaphragm so it's just like pushing it out even more. It hasn't happened to me with The Victim Party but it happened in previous bands, I've totally had a hershey squirt on like a big note... like ooh there it went...
Tabitha: And now you have to jump around on stage...
Colin: Yep, there it went and I have to jump around on stage..
Tabitha: Just to clarify that was COLIN'S story, NOT TABITHAS!
Colin: Yeah, I had the hershey squirt! On more than one occasion I'm sure. I also used to eat like an asshole, like the worst diet ever *burps* never eat massive amounts of Mexican food right before you're about to play!

Do you eat Sneaky Dees nachos before you play there? 
Colin: See the trick with Sneaky Dees for us is that we share our meal... we have one meal and we share everything and you don't feel bloated! You may fart a bunch but..
Tabitha: There's actually a lot of benefits to being in a band with your significant other! Even like, we came out to Quebec and it's like well I know I'm not going to get lost or stranded or lose the rest of the gang because I have my buddy!

What's the downside to being in a band together? 
Colin: I think it's more for everybody else because every now and then we bicker, and then it's just like the discomfort of being around a couple bickering. It just happened at Foufounes last night because I wanted more beer and she was like no don't have more beer, and we were back and forth, back and forth, and everybody sort of just wandered away from us!
Tabitha: Drifted away..
Colin: Like 'I'm sick of these idiots!'
Tabitha: And then also it's kind of odd sometimes because in your head you're thinking you always have your permanent backup if you have an idea but then you face that challenge where your permanent backup doesn't like your idea, and then it's a little awkward!

Would you guys consider your band a kind of 'super group' in Toronto? 
Colin: Pfft, no.
Tabitha: We like to tell people we are!
Colin: Yeah we like to joke about that shit all the time just because everyone is from other bands but like dude our band is seriously, like I equate it in my life to softball, it's like every now and then we have a game and every week we practice.. it's like a beer league except we actually drink way less beer now at practice!
Tabitha: Yeah it used to be like us pouring into cabs after practice and now it's seriously scaled back!
Colin: Not in like a more professional way, but like in a 'we're not going to live if we keep doing this..' sort of way! It was a terrible, stupid lifestyle... not even a lifestyle but like Saturday partying gone way too far.
Tabitha: And it had turned into us not doing anything else because we'd have band practice at 2:00pm and we'd heavily drink for like 3 hours, and it'd be like 5pm and we'd be like 'OK I'm going to bed', like that's hour Saturday!
Colin: I saw that as a blessing in disguise because I'd like reel it in and cut it off by 10pm always instead of 4 in the morning!
Tabitha: But you're still drinking the same amount just at different times!
Colin: We sound like raging alcoholics, all we're talking about is getting drunk!

Are you guys happy with just playing Toronto or do you want to tour?
Tabitha: I don't think we want to tour in the sense of like, hey guys lets all pack up in this sweaty van and sleep on 15 year olds floors...
Colin: Most of us have done the whole 'roughing it' touring thing, and like I don't care if I sound like Lethal Weapon but like I'm way too old for that shit. I'm not sleeping in a teenangers basement with his parents expressed permission, that's just not going to happen!
Tabitha: Now it's like if a really awesome tour was offered to us and we had hotels every night we'd probably ruin our lives and take two weeks vacation off to go do it...
Colin: But that's the other thing, some of us have more professional careers, like what they actually want to do, and so taking vacation time is hard, they don't want to jeopardize that ... and we have a dog and two cats, I don't want to be away from my dog for too long!!
Tabitha: If it was worth it we'd do it but... I mean we've never really even asked to play a show, we just wait until somebody wants to see us and emails us! We're doing this because we all like to write and we like to play, that's always been the main focus for everything we've done... that's why when Adam wasn't having fun doing it anymore he was like 'OK I'm not having fun so I'm not doing this' and none of us were sour about it!