Interview with Andrew Seward of Human Parts!

Andrew, do you remember one blizzardy night years ago in Toronto after Against Me! played, and most of the band was drinking at Bovine Sex Club late into the night and ended up giving the rest of your free drinks to 3 girls who then insisted on running and jumping on you (pretty sure it was you, but possibly one of the other dudes in the band) out in the snow because we (as in, myself and my 2 friends, ha!) thought it was hilarious?
Wow, I'm trying to rack my brain and remember this.......To tell you the truth I never remember much after hanging at the Bovine. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Did you knock me down, or did I hold all three of you up? Whoa, now I'm interviewing you.

Pretty sure you just held the three of us up! That was a super weird night.

I read in an interview with AP that you had started just fucking around with bass stuff in your downtime from Against Me, did you ever see yourself actually turning it into something so soon or are you just the workaholic type who is too legit to quit … working on music?
Well I am really liking the phrase “Too Legit To Quit” and now I have that MC Hammer song in my head. Damn it. Recording bass and building songs was just a joyous thing for me to do. It made me feel good. It just feels great to be creative. I never had a true intention of turning it into something so soon. It just happened. I've been working a lot lately and doing this record was my release. It's very reflective of where I'm at now and where I've been for the last 6 months.

I hear through some mutual friends that you don’t really even listen to punk rock, and it sounds like Human Parts sort of displays a whole new world of influences particular to you… can you list some of your favourite bands and the ones who inspired you the most towards the music you’re making now?
Ha Ha, who told you that? I want names. I definitely listen to punk rock. I listen to everything that brings happiness to my ears. I've never just listened to “punk rock” Shit, feels like we're going down a slippery slope here. Let's just say I love a wide array of music. From Peter Gabriel to Andrew Jackson Jihad and Fleetwood Mac to Testament. It's all music and it's all good.

Speaking of influences, how many Springsteen tats do you have?
Currently I am in possession of 4 Boss tattoos.

Was Against Me more of a job than a passion for you?
No way. I was always 100 percent into it. I just needed to do something else at this time in my life.

Is your daughter an aspiring musician already? Does she know/understand that she’s on an album that will soon be heard by hundreds!?
She hits the xylophone harder than anyone I've ever seen. She definitely does not understand the album process, but she sings the songs all the time. Human Parts will be huge in the Toddler market.

How did your wife come to be in this new band? Was it a kind of ‘if you’re going to go back out right away and do this again I’m at least going to be with you’ type deal, or have you guys always worked together musically and this was just a natural progression?
We've never worked together musically before. Human Parts was in noooooo way a “going to go back out right away and do this again” situation. It still isn't. This is just myself and friends/family having a good time and trying to use our time in an awesome way. Being creative is very fulfilling to all of us.

There’s already such a buzz surrounding Human Parts because of who you are, I know this started as a project that allowed you to still work 40 hours as well as focus on your family but if the demand is there after the album drops on Sep 10, would you, your wife, and the other half of Human Parts consider making this band a full time gig?
It has a buzz around it? Sweet. I know it is getting whatever attention it is getting due to the “ex member of” factor. I'm not shy to that fact and in no way am I fighting it. I'm always down for doing this and taking it wherever it goes. That being said......I'm very realistic and my expectations are what they are. I value my family and friends more than anything. 

Human Parts is more about family and day-to-day life, far less politically driven than what you used to be part of. How does it feel to be channeling such a different energy into the music you’re playing?
Feels great. This whole record is very honest and raw. Not a lot of editing on my part. For better or worse. I feel nothing but passion and energy going into this. Like I said somewhere before, this is my total release now. Getting out the demons of working 40 hours a week.

Are you the political type personally or are we now hearing about what really matters to you?
This is the first time I've been part of the lyric process in a long time. Kim and Verite also wrote some lyrics on the record, so I can't speak for them. This is what matters to me completely. I consider myself a political person and someone who cares for the good of others. I have not translated any outright politics to this though. This record is pretty damn close to a 100% autobiographical day to day account of life.

How is Warren and his restaurant doing? Have you eaten there yet?
Sure have. It's been open a long time now. I run into Warren here and there in town. It's a small town, and we always stop and talk for a bit.

What do you have to say to all those Against Me fans out there who don’t get your new style and are wondering why you left the band to make this music? (referring to a bunch of punknews comments by upset diehards that I don’t agree with whatsoever!)

Well, number one....I didn't leave Against Me! To make this music. Number two.....Haters gonna hate. My world will keep going on.