Interview with the DEFORESTERS!

I sat down with Pod and Shawn from Deforesters in between sets at one of my recent punk rawk shows, and here's what they had to say...

Why do you allow illegal aliens in your band? This was a 'fan' question by the way... 
Shawn: What do you mean? Is it because I look a lot like that guy from that other band? Plan 37?
Pod: Is that it? I was thinking 'I guess Kris looks Latin'
*we all laugh a drunkenly long time at this*
Shawn: But yeah, we're not prejudice, if there was know..we wouldn't care!

So what do you have against trees? (can't remember if this was a 'fan' question also)
Pod: Haha, it's mainly a reference to an actor, DeForest Kelley, umm
Shawn: *whispers* from Star Trek...
Pod: He was also in a movie, I can't remember what it was called, Night Of The.. I don't know, it's about giant killer rabbits! That's one of his only roles other than Dr. McCoy. Well, and he was in a bunch of Westerns..

*editors note: Night Of The Lepus*

Shawn: I wonder if he ever did a Twilight Zone episode, a lot of those guys did..

*editors note: he did not.*
Of the four main Star Trek (1966) cast members (the others being William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan), he is the only one who never appeared in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964), Twilight Zone (1959) or The Outer Limits (1963). - IMDB
Pod: Actually what really inspired the name was my friend Savanna, who is a tattoo artist..

*editor butt in:  she did 2 of my tattoos, should out to Savanna!!*

She made this really awesome painting called Deforestation, you can see it on our Myspace page.. or uh not Myspace, Myspace doesn't exist anymore, I keep saying that! I think it's because I'm really old.. anyway it's on our Facebook page, it's a picture of DeForest Kelley the actor, and it's his head and beside him there's this floating skeleton and behind him is all these cut down trees and like a bulldozer and stuff. The painting is called Deforestation so it gave me the idea, I really like it!

That's your shirt design too right? 
Pod: Yeah yeah, our t-shirt is the black and white version of that.

What if you get into some sort of legal issues using his face and name!? 
Pod: Well he's dead,
Shawn: but for how long!?
Pod: Put it this way: if we ever get to the point where whoever owns the right to his image or name or whatever, if we ever get to the point where they know who we are, I'd consider that my job done! I'd be so ecstatic!! And I mean, what are they gonna take..!

"Labatt Blue And Oil Cut With Pen Ink" is a Roman Line song right?
Yeah, originally. We did a demo of it that eventually got released after the band broke up on Juicebox, so yeah..

Do you think you'll be recycling any more Roman Line songs? 
Pod: Definitely not any that were released, but there's some songs that were demos of The Roman Line that might see the light of day as Deforesters songs at some point, but we're not going to be re-recording anything that anyone ever purchased.

Is it difficult writing songs now without them sounding too much like Roman Line songs? 
Pod: Hmm, that's a good question. It's definitely... the thing is, I'm kind of a one trick pony when it comes to writing songs, they all sound kinda the same,   but what we're very lucky to have is a really excellent drummer, his name is Zack, and he has a lot of really interesting ideas to kinda pick it up.. and our guitar player Kris, who does lead guitar, he really has a wide array of influences to his guitar playing and he contributes a lot of, like, kind of like ideas.. I mean, at the end of the day they're basically the same structure-wise as the Roman Line, but they get dressed up in different outfits and that's enough so that it doesn't sound like the same thing over and over again... I don't know!!

What do you have against Mountain Dew? 
*Deforesters have a song called "I'll Take The Crab Juice"... and if you watch The Simpsons, you'll fucking understand*
Pod: It's terrible. It's the worst soda by far.
Shawn: Yeah and all those other ones, like Code Blue is even worse!
Yeah that's true.
Even regular Mountain Dew isn't that bad compared to that stuff, Code Blue or Code Red or whatever..
They have Taco Bell in the states that have crazy Mountain Dew Baja Blast or whatever
It just takes like regret, you know?
I don't know, picturing crab sounds like something I'd like to try! I mean, I like crab!

*At this point Brad from School Damage walks out of the alley after pounding a few beers and tootally interrupts the interview, and I say 'toot' on purpose because he came over and farted into our circle. Unfortunately the flatulence, or should I saw bratulence, was not captured on my recording device*

No you gotta do it into the phone so we can add sound effects to the interview!
Brad: Oh you're doing an interview!!
*lots of giggling all around*
Brad: That's my way!! Okay well I'll let the Deforesters interview go on while Brad from School Damage, who is selling actually quite a bit of records - Get Weird, go buy my record at !!

How do you choose your song titles?
Well, we think of pop culture references.. or things that aren't real pop culture references but in our pop culture they are... and that's pretty much it. What it really stems from is not being creative enough to come up with real song titles.
Shawn: And you don't want to call it whatever the a from the chorus is!
Pod: Yeah exactly! But at the same time we're not clever to come up with something that actually references the song without just using a line from the chorus! So we take an old line from the Simpsons or whatever.

How did you hook up with Get Party Records, who are releasing your record that is coming out very soon.. 
Pod: I saw Dustin like 3 days after we posted the demo online at your *my* birthday show and he said he'd be interested in putting the record out! That's pretty much it. If someone says they want to pitch so much money to aid your ridiculous hobby then you say yes absolutely thank you very very much!

So when is it going to be released?
The official release show is December 13th at Magpie with Careers In Science.. but we already have it the record so it will be for sale at our show in London on December 7th at the APK which is the Get Party Records Xmas Show.

What is your favourite Star Trek series?
That's tough.
Shawn: I'm going to say the original, I'm an original series guy totally.
Pod: I would say overall I'm a pretty big Next Generation fan, and so is Zack. But I think Kris would say original series too so it might be a tie.
Shawn: But I think Kris can probably swing both ways, so I think he'd jump ship and go with the original side if it was a tie just so he could be part of the winning team.