Interview with The Filthy Radicals

I caught up with the gross bastards in The Filthy Radicals recently to ask them a few dumb ass questions. Check it out!

Quick chat with Lagwagon

Lagwagon are back with a fucking amazing new album, Hang, and I caught up with the boys online to ask a few questions about the record and a few other things... check it out!

Interview with We Outspoken

If the new EP, Musicomania, was an Ernest P. Worrell movie which one would it be and why?
Ha! I think it would have to be Ernest Saves Christmas. Music is something you feel, and understand. Christmas, and all of the feelings that surround it, is the same thing. Musicomania should help people fall back in love with music as it's definition suggests, it is the feeling you get when you listen to music. It is why we listen. It is why everyone on this planet taps their feat to their favourite tune. The feeling is not tangible, but exists within everyone of us.

Catching up with Darius of the Swingin' Utters!

Fucking love talking to the dudes from the Swingin' Utters. For my third interview with the band I caught up with Darius to chat a bit about their new album, Fistful Of Hollow, and upcoming tour etc. 

Interview with HORMOANS from Toronto

So for those who don’t know.. who the fuck are you guys?
We are Hormoans, a Toronto based 3 piece grunge rock/surf punk band. Matt plays Bass, Cyrus plays drums/percussion and Steve plays guitar and sings/screams.

Interview with Toby from Red Scare

Red Scare Industries just celebrated their 10th year Anniversary with a huge ass 8+ hour show in Chicago with so many wicked bands playing. I went, and it was honestly the best time I've had in my entire life. Srrsly. I e-caught up with Toby after he had a bit of time to recover from the killer weekend, here's what he had to say about it: 

Interview with Luke Bentham of The Dirty Nil!

Luke from The Dirty Nil answered a few follow-up questions I had for the band since the release of Cinnamon/Guided By Vices via the interwebs, check it out! (and if you like to time travel, you can go back and read the first interview I did with them here)

Interview with Cory Crossman, founder of KOI Fest!

How long was KOI Fest in the making before the official launch in 2010?
The idea of a festival had been in Curt (brother / biz partner) and my mind for years. It wasn’t until we opened our screen printing business in downtown Kitchener that we thought about doing the festival in the city core. Once we saw the energy that was already in place in downtown Kitchener it clicked that this would be the perfect place for a indie music festival.

Interview with Lightmares!

Lightmares just released their fury of an album all over Magpie's face last Friday and I drank and smoked and drank and smoked with them in the alley at the end of the night in an attempt  to interview them. I have no idea who is talking half the time, but it doesn't really matter cause they're all 'riding the same waaave'! Anyway here's what I could decipher between dudes bailing on bikes and us getting booted for making too much noise? Party on!

Interview with Bella Clava!

I haven't had the pleasure of seeing you guys live yet, but everything I've heard and read about your shows points to it being an amazing time had by all. In your opinion, what is it about your performance that makes you stand out at a show with a handful of other bands, or a festival like NXNE?  
It's not too late to check us out!  We hope that it's a great time for all, we definitely enjoy playing.  I find that you can learn a lot about a band by observing the people that show up to see them....and our audiences always smell great!  We must be doing something right! 

Interview with Justin Pearson of RETOX!

Got really high and watched a documentary made about Retox and their latest album in prep for this interview, and ended up finding one of my most favourite music documentaries of all time. Honestly watch it, I'll attach the video at the end of this email interview with Justin Pearson.  

Interview with BOIDS!

These Boys of Intelligent Design and Style were Born On Indian Desert Sands, before setting their Boats Out In the Dead Sea. Back on land, they partied with their Balls Out In Dive Showbars, but since Bleak Outlooks Instigate Dark Scenes, they wound up Blacked Out In Ditches and Sewers. Luckily, they kept their good looks, became actors and got Big On International Daytime Soaps, particularly the psychedelic ones Built On Incessant Dream Sequences. When their acting careers started Burning Out In a Downward Spiral, they formed a band, wrote a Bunch of Incredibly Deadly Songs, and honed their punkrock fury until they sounded like a Band Of Irate Dirtbag Scumpunks. The new album "WE STALK EACH OTHER LIKE ANIMALS" is out now on Stomp Records and, available on iTunes - or if you're Bored Of Internet Download Services, head out to a show, hit up the merch table and Buyout Our Inventory of Discs and Shirts. - BOIDS FACEBOOK PAGE

Vader vs. the Tight Nuns

OK guys. Before you watch this, let me just say that this is the first actual interview with music etc that I've EVER edited on my own. That said, it sucks! But I don't curr! We had some technical difficulties (as I always do) with my 2nd camera and the voice changer on the Vader mask, and I only had a few hours to throw it together, but what-to-the-everrr! Next time I will hopefully have somebody filming it for me with a good camera and some real skills, until then please enjoy the absolute most ridiculous thing I have ever done!