Interview with BOIDS!

These Boys of Intelligent Design and Style were Born On Indian Desert Sands, before setting their Boats Out In the Dead Sea. Back on land, they partied with their Balls Out In Dive Showbars, but since Bleak Outlooks Instigate Dark Scenes, they wound up Blacked Out In Ditches and Sewers. Luckily, they kept their good looks, became actors and got Big On International Daytime Soaps, particularly the psychedelic ones Built On Incessant Dream Sequences. When their acting careers started Burning Out In a Downward Spiral, they formed a band, wrote a Bunch of Incredibly Deadly Songs, and honed their punkrock fury until they sounded like a Band Of Irate Dirtbag Scumpunks. The new album "WE STALK EACH OTHER LIKE ANIMALS" is out now on Stomp Records and, available on iTunes - or if you're Bored Of Internet Download Services, head out to a show, hit up the merch table and Buyout Our Inventory of Discs and Shirts. - BOIDS FACEBOOK PAGE