Interview with BOIDS!

These Boys of Intelligent Design and Style were Born On Indian Desert Sands, before setting their Boats Out In the Dead Sea. Back on land, they partied with their Balls Out In Dive Showbars, but since Bleak Outlooks Instigate Dark Scenes, they wound up Blacked Out In Ditches and Sewers. Luckily, they kept their good looks, became actors and got Big On International Daytime Soaps, particularly the psychedelic ones Built On Incessant Dream Sequences. When their acting careers started Burning Out In a Downward Spiral, they formed a band, wrote a Bunch of Incredibly Deadly Songs, and honed their punkrock fury until they sounded like a Band Of Irate Dirtbag Scumpunks. The new album "WE STALK EACH OTHER LIKE ANIMALS" is out now on Stomp Records and, available on iTunes - or if you're Bored Of Internet Download Services, head out to a show, hit up the merch table and Buyout Our Inventory of Discs and Shirts. - BOIDS FACEBOOK PAGE
I got silly with BOIDS via email the other day.

Better Off In english or Do you Sing in french too?
Nous, on chante seulement en anglais, parce-que on est des tĂȘtes-carrĂ©es.

Best One song In your Discography, Says you guys?
"The BOIDS Boogie" We sing it every morning before leaving our apartments.

Yeah, that's the spirit!

How did that whole BOIDS acronym overload happen? What came first, the abbreviation or one of those full phrases you have listed on your Facebook page?
Originally the name was just a rad sounding fake word to us. Then we wanted to make it an ever-changing acronym, But Our Ideas Didn't Stick.

'We Stalk Each Other Like Animals', what does that title entail to you guys? Is it sexy?
The title refers to the sometimes predatory nature of humans in their various endeavours. BOIDS!

Things seem to have happened for you guys pretty fast, you've only been around since 2012 and already have your first LP released on Stomp and an extensive Canadian tour planned.. whose dick did you suck to make that happen!?
We've all been playing in various bands and working hard at it for a long time. Things came together quickly this time thanks to years of accumulated experience. All dick sucking is purely recreational.

Why’d you guys wait so long to release a full length?
We recorded in 5 straight days in September 2013, and Stomp immediately buried it deep underground, among the Lizard-People, waiting for the opportune moment to unleash the wrath of BOIDS.

What are you looking forward to most at Pouzza this year? The pizza poutine, or a certain band, or party or what?
The hangover breakfast is a fan favourite, but we are also looking forward to wandering from venue to venue, catching as many awesome bands as we can, cuz' Pouzza is chock-full of them, check the line-up, killer!

How stoked are you to play with the Real Mckenzies?
On a scale of 1 to 10, a solid FUCK YEAH!

Complete this sentence: If it weren’t for ____________ BOIDS would not be a band today.
If it weren't for the lack of readily-available contraceptives between 1974 and 1989, BOIDS would not be a band today.

My last question is my most serious one… in what situation are farts NOT considered funny?
Someone once told us that a fart is just your soul trying to sing.


TORONTO! Catch them at the Bovine on Thursday Feb. 27th!!