Interview with Tommy of The Hanson Brothers!

The Hanson Brothers are 30 years old this year, according to Wikipedia, happy birthday! 
Tommy: Thanks very much. I think NoMeansNo is lying about it's age; knocking off a year or two!

Do you plan on becoming part of the over-35 club or do you think you’ll get sick of playing this game and retire early?
Oh, I think we'll keep going for awhile yet. Playing is fun and it remains a challenge.

How do you keep up with the increase in young impact players these days?
T: I don't! I'm either lapping them or they are lapping me. Right now there's no one in sight from where I am, uh, sitting down.

I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing you guys live yet; do you play as violently on stage as you do on the ice?
T: Well, I have not seen a Dove or an olive branch offered at any of our personal appearances lately; the show is still no holds barred.

Have you ever stopped playing mid show and stripped like that scene in Slap Shot?
T: Mikey Hanson tore some wall paper off a wall but that is as close as any of us have ever gotten to stripping on stage.

What were you doing when we won gold in women’s & men’s Olympic hockey and how’d you celebrate?
T: I watched the over time of the Womens final and passed on the mens game. I have no interest in the NHL, really. Bettman and his owners killed it for me years ago.

What’s your favourite kind of beer to drink as beer enthusiasts?
T: I don't have a particular favourite beer but I do enjoy Goose Island Honker's Ale and Pilsner Urquell.

Favourite Ramones album?
T: The first four.

Favourite Ramone?
T: I like 'em all.

Has the band ever been acknowledged by the Ramones?
T: The first Hanson Brothers album was signed by the Ramones! Greg Werckman from Alternative Tentacles records sent a copy to Joey and they liked it when they realised that it was a homage to them.

What came first, the Ramones covers or the Slap Shot persona?
T: The synchronicity of genius walks hand in hand.

Do you have any hilarious stories about being confused with the Mmm Bop’in Hanson bros?
T: Never met those guys. At some point a record label offered us a bunch of money for the name The Hanson Brothers. Apparently we own it. We said no to that, that both bands were free to use it. Some young girls came to a show in Cleveland years ago....they'd travelled some time to get there - one of their Dad's was driving. We were playing in a bar. How they managed to get in remains a mystery. It was on Euclid Ave. an area they were likely not familiar with. One of them came up to the merch table and began to look very confused. She told me she did not recognize either of the albums. It was quite sad. She was obviously very disappointed.

Biggest upside to being in a band with brothers?
T: Anyone who plays in a good band for awhile becomes a brother or a sister to his/her band mates. Despite ups and downs there is a closeness.

Biggest downside to it?
T: Being with brothers.

Recording any new music?
T: Yes. And No. We'll see what comes out in the end. Nothing mixed and in the can just yet.

So what shows do you have coming up, I hear you’re playing with Chixdiggit soon?
T: We'll be touring around Canada this month and in April. I think 19 -20 shows. We are playing with Chixdiggit in Alberta in April. (See below for full list of tour dates!) 

What new(ish) band in the Vancouver scene should we check out right now? Doesn’t have to be punk.
T: I have no idea whom to suggest. I really don't keep up with what's going on or 'new' in music. If anything is any good it'll still be around in ten years. Newness hardly confers goodness. There's always going to be someone holding a guitar or a mike, airing a grievance. Bless them.

Do you pay attention to the Toronto scene at all?
I avoid music scenes. I advise readers to do the same. If you need a scene go to a play.

Can you think of a good hockey analogy for punk rock or vice versa?
T: Both are faith based activities.

Predictions for this NHL season?
T: The players will say the same things, look the same way and those who get into the playoffs will have to decide between shaving or growing a playoff beard. Many of them will rub each other's faces with their gloves between whistles! Many of those who do not make the play offs will probably mismanage their money over the summer.


Be sure to check out The Hanson Brothers on tour!
March 26th - Ottawa @ Mavericks
March 27th -Toronto @ Lee's Palace
March 28th -London @ Call The Office
March 29th - Kitchener /Waterloo @ Starlite
March 30th - Hamilton @ Club Absinthe
March 31st -Vankleek Hill @ Windsor Tavern
April 1st - Quebec City @ L'agite
April 2nd - Shawinigan @ Salon Wabasso
April 3rd - Victoriaville @TBA
April 4th - Sorel @ Pub O'Callaghan
April 5th - Sherbrooke @ TBA
April 6th - Montreal @ Il Motore
April 10th - Vancouver @ The Cobalt
April 11th - Nanaimo @ The Cambie
April 12th - Victoria @ Logan's Pub
April 16th - Fernie @ The Northern
April 17th - Calgary @ Commonwealth
April 18th - Edmonton @ The Starlite Room
April 19th - Coaldale @ Sidelines Bar & Grill