Interview with Lightmares!

Lightmares just released their fury of an album all over Magpie's face last Friday and I drank and smoked and drank and smoked with them in the alley at the end of the night in an attempt  to interview them. I have no idea who is talking half the time, but it doesn't really matter cause they're all 'riding the same waaave'! Anyway here's what I could decipher between dudes bailing on bikes and us getting booted for making too much noise? Party on!
Who are you? 
-Bass...kidding, drums.
-We play rock and roll as loud as we can. We try to hit home with those feelings!
-We try to hit home, to get in the pocket you know?
-We try to find that creamy center.
-Find the nuget! Find the nuget in everyones heart.

Describe your sound to those who haven't heard you yet.
-Mash some of those good feelings together, put some Nirvana in there..
-You've got some Weezer you've got some Pavement you've got some..
-Sure, why not!
-Actually, one of the guys from The Dirty Nil told us that we sound like Pavement smoked a big bowl of crack, and I like that so.. !

You guys toured with them before right?
-Yeah we did an East Coast tour with them, that was a lot of fun.. we had a crazy time in Montreal and saw a guy get stabbed actually!
-Yeah we played a really crappy gig to like a band from Sudbury who were coming the other way, they were our only audience.. at Burritoville..
-No burritos.
-Yeah, didn't get free burritos. Went to a strip club, it was my first and last time being at a strip club! I wasn't really all that stoked on it to be honest, didn't make much sense to me being there!
-Made a whole lot of sense when we left! haha.
-Zack spent all the money he had!
-He droned out all drunk! He ended up getting a lap dance and droned out and by the end of it it was the rest of his money!
-Like $80!
-And he's like OK I don't have any more money so I'm going to give you my fake ID as like collateral, I'm going to go to my car and grab some cash.
-Bad idea!
-She's like no that's not cool you need to pay me.
-So Kyle Fisher actually ended up paying for my bill!
-Kyle Fisher, good boy! His star child!

Who recorded the new album Lightmares are Rich & Educated?
-We were going to do it ourselves but then it happened randomly when we were staying in Moncton on our friends couch like bums, our friend Kyle McDons, he does a lot of the booking in Moncton and we were just bumming out on his couch and he does recording and we were like hey would you want to do a single or something cause we're just here for a week eating all your food maybe we could do something productive! And he was like well if you have a whole album let's just do the album so we just did it in like two days!
-Yeah it just came together, it all kinda just lined up perfectly!

You've just played your record release show in Toronto, it's like 3am in the morning and we're high and drunk and just got kicked out of an alley.... what's next for you guys? 
-We gotta go back home tomorrow and I've got to work my gig at Starbucks
-I've got to write a resume!
-Zack's gotta flip a burger at McDons
-I got hired at McDicks man! Flippin' burgers for quarters!
-Fuckin' quarters maaan!
-So yeah that's what we've got planned for our record release!
-I think we're gonna try to press vinyl?
-We're shitty businessmen!

Joel from PPOP was a big influence in the band I hear?
-Well, he uh, he got us high when we were young... he lived in Sudbury and we went to his house after school and got baked out of our tree..
-Partied at a very early age, a very impressionable age!
-So yeah in that sense he influenced us, we were very impressionable!

And the rest is ... a whole lot of jibberish!


AND here's a bonus review blurb about their release show from yours truly:
Lightmares rocked their own shoes off at their release show, literally. That's how fucking much they rock when they're playing live. Well, actually Nicholas and Jamie just kicked their shoes off on purpose, in order to rock harder I'm assuming. Or so that when they were kicking each other while rocking the fuck out (which they did indeed do) they wouldn't hurt each other, in which case how sweet! Regardless, Zack did actually rock so hard one of his drums fell over. Didn't seem to phase him at all tho, he rocked on. The whole time they were playing it felt like I was watching something special, like years from now when they headline some stadium tour I'm going to be sitting there going 'I can't believe I saw them at Magpie!'. They just have this aura about them that invites you into some big secret between the band, especially the two frontmen bros. It's almost like a sixth sense that they have on stage, no matter whether they were on their knees facing the drums, dry humping their amp with their guitar, or roaming around the audience, they always seemed to know what the other one was up to and where he was for a quick kick to the butt. They're so good even Santa came all the way down from the North Pole to watch them! 
I'm Sarah, ROCK ON.