POUZZA FEST 2014: Interview with The Creeps

Jon Creeden and I locked ourselves in a room at Wasted Potential's dorm to interview one of my fav bands, The Creeps. We were drunk.. 'nuff said.

Eulogies is your first full length in 7 long years, what da fuck took so long?
Skottie: It wasn't like a concerted effort to not put out a full length in that time, it just happened that way! There were some opportunities like doing a split with Fear Of Lipstick where we needed a couple songs here and there and so we did it that way, then suddenly I had a bunch of songs and we got together and learned them all, haha, and we had 10 songs! Actually no we had 9 songs and we wrote one last one really quick and suddenly there was an LP! And I think the weird thing was that it randomly occurred to us that it was 7 years but, like, we hang out every week and practice all the time... but yeah it's been that long since we put out a record.
Ian: It's really funny how those things set in when you're practicing and you can always tell the random songs that would fit together in batches well.. it wasn't like an effort to do it, but it just seemed like things flowed that way.
Skottie: I like to write songs with a theme or an idea in mind so often they fit together and that's how we wrote in the younger days, all of the records were supposed to be these compartmentalized sorta records and then we got into the 7" thing where we were just doing a couple songs at a time and they weren't doing that.. then I had a new idea for how a new compartmentalized idea could happen and that's how this LP took shape.

Was the recording process the same as it was 7 years ago or did you do it differently this time around?
Ian: We've actually recorded almost every other album ourselves but for Eulogies we worked with Yogi at the Meatlocker, so this time around we had a fourth set of ears.. It was neat doing these songs because we're used to recording alone, like we did Lakeside Cabin with just us literally at a cabin, that was years ago but that was the start of it when we were like we can do this on our own we don't need anybody else there. But after a while with only 3 people you get a little bit.. I dunno, you need that fourth set of ears! It's nice to have that other person in the room because we've all been friends for so long and have played for so long together that having somebody else there to say ..
Jordy: That sucks!
Ian: Yeah like 'are you sure about that?'. It's cool to have somebody else giving their opinion.

You guys formed way back in 1999, how'd you meet? 
Skottie: Ian was my frosh leader, and he was the worst frosh leader! I mean, he was my favourite though. He showed up late every day, and he'd always just hang out back smoking cigarettes with us. One day he caught me being reminiscent in my dorm room listening to my old band.
Ian: Yeah he was listening to his own band, what was the name of that band?
Skottie: The Dick Tracy's
Ian: Yeah he was in his room listening to his old band and I was like 'oh hey, you play guitar man, you got a band? wanna start a band? I know a drummer!"
Jordy: At the time I was hardly a drummer! I was a guitar player who could play like one piece on the drums! And I didn't really know him, but we would walk by each other on campus and say hi to each other because he was dating a girl I went to high school with.
Skottie: This September will be 15 years as a band, which is mind-blowing, and there are things going on in our respective lives that make looking back it being 15 years feel pretty remarkable. I mean, Ian's going to have a kid!
Ian: It'll be fine! I got a good woman!
Jordy: Yeah somehow we've kept it together this whole time and we still like hanging out with each other aside from doing the band which is rare I think.

And you've had no lineup changes either, which is pretty rare as well after all them years!
Jordy: Yeah it's just been the same 3 idiots this whole time!
Ian: It's funny, you might not always be stoked to go to practice after so long, but when you have new stuff you get really stoked to go to practice, and same with playing shows. At this point you just want to play with your friends more, you want to go play with the people you want to see more and the people you look up to more. It's fun that we still get to do this stuff and still be old I guess!

Do you think anything is going to change with the band once you have a kid?  
Ian: No, no, I don't think so! I just consider us so lucky that we even still get to play here and there and we're still good friends, and we don't take it for granted, and when you get the offers to play I mean, you're not going to do everything obviously, but we never quit! This seems to be the one band that we just can't quit out of all the other bands we've been in. We're so lucky to have full support from all of our significant others and the friends in our lives. There's nothing that will really change, I mean we really don't play a lot as it is!
Skottie: I was saying to Jordy earlier that I'm going to keep writing songs, and I'm going to need a bassist and a drummer to play the songs so why not have the same guys play the bass and drums that have been playing with me ... I mean, they pick up songs really fast! Nothing will change as long as we're all still friends, which it's surprising we still are but we are, and as long as we still like live music, which we still do, then we'll still be a band! We have no expectations or aspirations..
Jordy: Exactly! I don't give a fuck! haha
Ian: We decided a long time ago that we weren't going to live in the van, and we weren't going to do all that.

You guys really don't pursue shows anymore do you? 
Jordy: We don't pursue anything! Even with putting out records, like Adam from It's Alive just approached us a number of years ago and was into what we were doing so he asked us if he could put out a record and we've just had a great relationship with him ever since!

You had a limited number of the new album available at your Pouzza show which you sold out of right? 
Skottie: All 25 copies! The actual pressing of the record isn't ready yet so Adam did 25 copies of the test pressing for us to sell while we're here. It was pretty cool, I hoped people would be interested and want to come and grab them but I didn't know they would all move!

Who did the cover and what's the story behind it? 
Jordy: We decided we wanted to do something different than anything we've ever done and we usually go with our buddy Dave who has done the last few, or Michael who has done another one but we actually just started googling and looking for artists and I found this girl, Julie Kraulis from Toronto and her stuff didn't really fit anything we'd ever done but we all agreed that we just really liked the style of her work. And Skottie had this idea of the house with the casket inside.
Ian: Yeah it was originally more morbid than that, like the idea of going to a wake.
Jordy: So like the windows are open and there's a casket inside the house.. but this girl, we sent her a concept and the first sketch she sent back was basically it! It was incredible. She nailed it, and it's actually a painting.. she did a full blown painting of it and then scanned it and sent us the file of it.
Ian: It's really nice to have someone like that, like when she hit the nerve, when you work with people.. we've never been artistically competent so you're always working with people and you're always hoping they get it what you're going for and she got it! That was really cool.

When is the actual release date for it?
Skottie: There's no set release date yet, the pressing plant has been delayed a bit so Adam is hoping for mid-June I think..