Interview with Luke Bentham of The Dirty Nil!

Luke from The Dirty Nil answered a few follow-up questions I had for the band since the release of Cinnamon/Guided By Vices via the interwebs, check it out! (and if you like to time travel, you can go back and read the first interview I did with them here)

Since we last spoke you officially announced that you were working with Fat Wreck on your new 7” and you did a huge tour hitting a shit ton of places in the States that you’d never been to before. Now that you’re back to ‘real life’ after that do you feel any different as a band? As individuals? 
After 2 months of straight touring there's certainly a raised confidence in our live shows, at least in the sense that we've played for a lot of new people and become more comfortable doing so. I can only speak for myself but i don't feel any different after those months in the van, just more accustomed to wearing gym shorts every day.

Do you notice any difference in the way your fans / other bands / promoters treat you now that you’re backed by such a legendary label?
There were several people who approached us at the U.S. shows who cited the entire Fat situation as an entry point to our band. the announcement and subsequent internet hype clearly boosted concert attendance, so on every level this has been a very positive move for our band. The mentioning of Fat Wreck means different things to different people, but for us it was never really part of our musical upbringing. That being said, when we were contacted by Fat mike, it was a no brainer to explore that avenue.

I read that you guys were doing your best to not drink too much and to keep it relatively tame when you embarked on the first leg of your US tour, were you able to stick with that once you best friends in Greys joined you?
Oh lord how we tried! our attempted teetotaling was shattered during our time with greys, though we kept things quite tame up until the end. They're a seasoned touring band with similar ideas on how to exercise moderation on the road so there was no temptation to go crazy, at least until the last few nights of the tour.

Take us through a typical day on tour with The Dirty Nil, from who gets to sleep while who is driving, to where you like to eat and all that seemingly boring stuff that readers will actually find cool..
Kyle certainly does the lion's share of the driving cause he's got trucker blood. I am the relief driver and Dave provides the soundtrack. We typically start our day with a diner breakfast, IHOP if its convenient. (NEVER DENNY'S, FUCK DENNY'S [did i mention, FUCK DENNY'S])
We try hit the road around noon, only stopping to browse gas station novelties. No real preference for dinner, usually just whatever is convenient. If we've got any time, Dave and I will cruise guitar shops before we've gotta play. Thats pretty much the standard day, depending on what the city has to offer.

How did the shows go with PEARS – the band? Those dudes seem pretty rad..
Pears are an incredible live band composed of some of the nicest guys we've ever met. We played a few shows with them and their friends High, towards the end of the tour. Both awesome bands who showed us a great time in the south. Pears also tour in a particularly notable van, completely enrobed in stars, stripes and a massive bald eagle. It broke down though, leading to a show cancellation which was definitely a bummer. We can't wait to go back and play with both bands

Was there a certain city or certain show that really sticks out in your mind when you look back on the tour?
Its hard to pick one show or city but New Orleans sticks out. We played with Pears and High who were both incredible and the crowd was great that night. New Orleans as a city is one of the coolest places on the planet, so that was probably the apex for me.

How does it feel to have a wicked PR woman working with you guys now, hooking up a whirlwind of interviews? Getting tired yet?
All i can say is its great being busy.

You’ve also received a fuck ton of reviews for the Cinnamon/Guided By Vices 7”, do you guys read them all?
nah, i personally try and keep somewhat separate from that world.

That said, how do you keep your head from getting too big when things are blowing up for the band?
We've been a band for a long time and we've been friends for longer. we've got some momentum right now but it hasn't changed the way we approach our music. Plus, kyle and i still live with our parents. its hard to have a big head when you're stuck cutting the lawn.

B-sides are typically throwaway tracks, which is definitely not the case with Guided By Vices. Did you guys have a say in which track to use as the A side vs B side or was that all taken care of by the label?
Mike made the call to use cinnamon as the a side, though it was unanimous that guided by vices was a better title. there may have been a few mixed ideas but i think its fair to say that Cinnamon fulfils the classic criteria of a single better than vices.

What can we expect from the upcoming full-length I hear you’re working on?
Everything louder, gentle god mocking and satan worshipping.

How is the writing/recording process being altered now that you have a full-length to worry about rather than more time to focus on fewer songs?
The only things that has really changed is the amount of time we've allotted for recording. typically we do a day or two but this record will probably entail a couple weeks of tracking. we work quickly in the studio but I'm excited to have a little extra time to experiment with sounds.

Do you feel more pressure to deliver now that you’re on Fat Wreck and those last 2 tracks were so well received?
not at all, were confident in our output and are just excited that to take the next step.


Check out the new album hiea.