Interview with The Filthy Radicals

I caught up with the gross bastards in The Filthy Radicals recently to ask them a few dumb ass questions. Check it out!

If your band was a brand of underwear, what fabric would it be made out of, what would you call it, and how would you pitch it in a commercial?
You know how in Japan they have those condom dispensers that also dispense used panties, yeah, we're exactly like that.
Slogan: “There was a party in my pants and now you can wear it, only tree fiddy!``

On a scale of “I got poop on my hand” to “I can’t feel my butt” what # of toilet paper ply is your band and why? 1 ply, 2 ply, I ply, you ply?
What you get out of us in the studio is mink ply; it's like wiping your ass with your mom's great-grandmother's fur coat.
Live, however, the audience is the butt and we are the hand, the butts been bad so we spank ‘em and call them all nasty girls.  No ply; feels better without protection.

Have you ever had the runs while playing a show? How does one handle that?
Hmmm.  I dunno what to even say to that one.  The runs usually come on the drive home or the morning after, and it just makes the air quality in the car super shitty until we get home and all bum-rush the bathroom at the "Filthy Mansion".

Who smells the worst in your band?
Jewitt hands down; the smell that seeps from his ass could incapacitate Wolverine for fucks sake!! THE SMELL LINGERS!!!  I can still remember a time that we were walking up a flight of stairs from the gym and this guy farts on the step above me.  I shit you not (ehhh ehhh) there was a film covering my entire mouth within seconds.  I remember it like it was yesterday, although it was nearly a decade ago.

Take me through a day in the life of a Filthy Radical.
Awake, drink, work, drink, break something on stage, drink, make fun of one another, drink, sleep, repeat.  Really though, aren`t we all filthy, fuckin’, rad-ass mawfuckas!?

Who shot the new video for “Stay Filthy”?
Our good friend Joe Cash aka Joe Cash Productions.  He’s a dream to work with, very easy going and professional.  Good times, great rates, and amazing production value and turn around time!  You can, and should get in touch with him at

Where was it filmed?
We got a bunch of our friends together at the Rehearsal Factory on Islington and Lakeshore for a B.Y.O.B. video shoot and exclusive set.  It was really cool, we played all new tunes and a few requests, and everyone had a rad-ass time.
They (RF) were really nice about the whole thing, although, after the very first take of the song, we were told not to tell anyone we’d shot it there and to calm our tits.  We said OK, but as of now we have honored neither of those requests.

Do you think ska is coming back from the dead like a fucking zombie or do you think it faked it’s own death and has been alive this whole time?
Oh it has definitely faked its own death!  Ska in its many forms is always lurking in the shadows collecting life insurance, and amassing a disgusting amount of two-tone suits and mopeds.  In Toronto alone on any given day, you can find bands playing ska music from every ``wave`` and skank your night away!

How will you guys be spending the remainder of 2014, hibernating?
2014 has been a great year for us and we are sad to see it come to an end.  From sharing the stage with Morning Glory to opening up for Every Time I Die at Koi Fest, a ton of shows with Stomp Records bands and some of the old guard hero type bands, 2014 has been the filthiest year for us yet!!!
Super stoked to announce that we will be ending the year with The Filthy Panty Christmas Party!  It`s going to be a super rowdy punk party, ugly Christmas sweaters and mini pitchers!  We`re also planning on a raffle for cool prizes, and the tickets are going to be all for free with cover, beer purchases and canned food donations!
The bill is set to consist of ourselves and the rad (all-girl punk band) Panty Christ and it is tentatively scheduled at the Rock Pile West on December 19th.

What does 2015 have in store for the band?
We are in the works right now of writing & finishing a full length album which will hopefully be released July 2015.   The songs so far are so gnar!   Get stoked and stay filthy!

Would you rather have to perform shows as the human centipede or tour in a truck full of sewage?
Ha!  Well we already have to put up with each other's sewage-esque smell on the road largely due to our dollar menu diets, so I'm sure a truck full of sewage wouldn't be far from our norm.

For Rock N` Roll`s sake, stay golden and stay filthy!