Interview with HORMOANS from Toronto

So for those who don’t know.. who the fuck are you guys?
We are Hormoans, a Toronto based 3 piece grunge rock/surf punk band. Matt plays Bass, Cyrus plays drums/percussion and Steve plays guitar and sings/screams.

And who the fuck is Millar?
Millar is a good friend of ours, and he represents the old-school; a refined music fan with impeccable taste who actually buys records, goes out to live shows and supports local bands – something that is becoming as extinct as real, in-person conversation...(laughs).

Can / will you name your new album Sarah? I, too, like beer.
We will not.

Describe your music as if it were an epic battle from a popular SNES game of your choice.
Well, we just acquired a very skilled second guitarist, Marc Hughes, which makes us a four-piece now - so I would say that we are Bomber-Man...except instead of blowing up each other from different corners of the screen, we are coming at you, together as one unit. Or Contra 3.

How did you hook up with Greg Dawson (Cunter, Mare)?
Greg is an old friend of ours. We share a lot of similar punk influences. I (Steve) met him while recording with my old band, (TBL), and during the session Cyrus actually pretended to be our drum tech but just ended up crashing on Greg's couch. Ever since then we have forged a tight musical alliance, one that is completely and utterly self nurturing, with no need for outside pesticides or GMO's of any kind.

How long were you a band before you started getting recognition at last year’s NXNE?
We have been playing for many years before the NXNE performance, but it wasn't until we released Millar – our first LP – that people started paying attention and showering us with unconditional love.

Who filmed the videos you have up on your site?
It varies – we have a lot of creative friends who document much of what is happening in the city's musical scene – a couple amazing videographer's who we are proud to be working with are Aldo Erdic and Alex Gheorghe. Alex did our first official music video for us last year.

In your bio it states that you’re hell bent on reshaping the music scene in Toronto, do you think you started to accomplish that following the release of Millar?
Reshaping an entire music scene is hard takes time...(laughs). The music scene in Toronto is such a mixed bag...always so much happening all of the time - there is no 'one' big music scene here, but rather thousands of little ones. With “Millar”, we set out to make a crazy, aggressive record, full of over the top emotions and abrasive, in-your-face songs that scared and intrigued people. We didn't want to just make a typical hard rock or punk record...we have more to offer than that. So what “Millar” represents is a transformation within the band from one, genre-specific sound, to a mini-collection of influences and noise that became Hormoans. A negotiation of sorts, between all of us, and the experiences that have shaped how we feel about the world and the people living within it.

Tell me about the show coming up on Nov 8th.
This Saturday's show is at Rancho and it's Millar's birthday and he wants everyone to dress in pajama's for some reason (I just think he's perverted and its one of his many fetishes). It's a DIY gathering of our friend's bands' and a celebration of the persistence of time.

What do you have planned after that?
We are getting ready to release our new record which will be available early 2015. Some label considerations and a festival tour for next year are topics of discussion these days. Also talking with a couple different directors about shooting a music video for our new single in the next couple months...

Would you rather have to use someone elses butthole as a microphone OR let somebody use your butt as part of their drum kit for an hour long set?
Probably the first one – and we'd just become an instrumental band.

What’s your goal as a band, what do you hope to achieve in your career?
We want to leave the good people in this musical universe scratching their heads and pondering over our very existence as something of an anomaly...