Interview with We Outspoken

If the new EP, Musicomania, was an Ernest P. Worrell movie which one would it be and why?
Ha! I think it would have to be Ernest Saves Christmas. Music is something you feel, and understand. Christmas, and all of the feelings that surround it, is the same thing. Musicomania should help people fall back in love with music as it's definition suggests, it is the feeling you get when you listen to music. It is why we listen. It is why everyone on this planet taps their feat to their favourite tune. The feeling is not tangible, but exists within everyone of us.

The video for “It’s Not Alright” was shot in one take, what made you guys decide to shoot it that way?
It was actually the producer, Alex Colthart of Raw Footage productions who suggested that we shoot this video in one take so the desired effect of people changing in and out of frame would be more spectacular. It actually was the only way too shoot this video.

How fucking hard was that to pull off, how many times did it take to get it right?
It was really tricky in the beginning. We had to choreograph our switching and movement with all of the extras. It took us about 12-14 times to finally get it right. By the time we were finished, everyone was sweating. You can see this throughout. This made the performance more believable as well I found.

Where was it shot?
The video was shot in Nobleton, Ontario at a hertiage house owned by Jeremy Wayda of Mushroom Media. Jeremy has been a friend and mentor of the band for years. We approached him with the idea and he gave us the go ahead.

What’s more nerve-wracking, playing for a crowd or playing for a video like this where if you fuck up you have to start over?
Good question, the video! Some takes we were all in the groove and everything was perfect and than someone's guitar strap would come loose, or extras would trip over each other while trying to change spots. It was very frustrating, I kept saying to myself. " are we ever going to get it"?

This is your 5th video with Rawfootage Productions right? Tell me a bit about them and how you hooked up with them.
Raw Footage Productions is a music video production company based out of Toronto, Ontario. They have some of the industries best film crew. We did our first music video with them and took a liking to their style and work ethic.  They originally did Dead Celebrities "Miss you" music video. We are friends with Dead Celebrity, so when the time came to do our own, we knew who to call.  They always push the limits for us, and that is what counts.

So many bands struggle with the whole touring thing, especially when they don’t have much material released, how did you guys end up opening for bands like The Ataris, Pennywise, Gob etc.?
Another good question. With a little bit of luck and perseverance we landed those tours and shows. We either wrote to the bands directly, or got a hold of their agents. Some concert production companies in Toronto asked us to open for some of those bands as well so the hard work was already done. We are good friends with many of those bands today.

What made you start Outspoken Entertainment and what exactly do you guys do?
We needed to look after ourselves. Management was number one. At the end of the day no one ever hands things to you, you have to work for what you want to achieve. We knew that the music industry is suffering and labels and management companies ( big and small) are not taking as much risk. We decided to take matters into our own hands and create Oustpoken Entertainment as a way to release all of our records, manage the band and business. It has been a lot harder this way, but very beneficial for us in understanding how this business works. We are still learning, it never stops.
The goal and idea is that we are able to survive on our own. The second that you rely on someone else to take care of your investment you have already given up the fight.

Do you have more bands on the roster?
No, just us for now. We have been asked this question before and it's a great idea to possibly work with other artists and offer up our knowledge. This may be something that we do down the road. For now, we are trying to get it right for us first.

On top of the awesome show opportunities you’ve had, you’ve also made it into international press AND a bunch of songs featured in video games too, which I find so fucking cool, how did all that come about?
Thanks! Yeah the video game market for us has been amazing. We continue to get opportunities in this market as well! Song licensing is another way for bands to make money. It is a very important step in anyones music career. For us, we got very lucky.
Distinctive Designs out of the UK approached us a few years ago after hearing our music on-line and wanted to use it in their video game, Downhill Xtreme. Of course we said yes! This was our first entrance into a market that can be very difficult to penetrate.
From this point on, and because of the the game success, ( it was downloaded over 3 million times), other companies took notice, and it was a lot easier for us to approach other companies for song placement.

Do you play the games regularly and is it awkward when your own song comes on?
Yes we do play the games regularly. Growing up, we found a lot of bands through video games, many of which have become our favorites. So for us, to be playing a video game that our music is in is a dream come true. We are on the other side of that coin now.
When our music comes on it's the greatest feeling in the world. We feel like we have accomplished something, just like our heroes. Dave Mirra's Pro MX  was a big game for us growing up, we actually got to meet Dave and we are great friends now. We explained to him that his video game got us into a lot great bands and really helped shape our music interests.

Do you think people are more willing to book you guys or cover you guys etc. because you have the label/management company attached to your name?
Yeah, it helps. They see a sense of professionalism and they are willing to make that commitment. Also, Outspoken Entertainment keeps things in line and focused for us, this really helps.

What advice would you offer to bands having a hard time with getting their name out there at an early stage?
We are still trying to figure that out, ha! The best advice I can give is that you need to get out there, you need to fail, you need to succeed, you need to see what works and what doesn't. You need to feel scared, excited, and happy. It really is all about the music. I would focus on song writing, and benchmarking what your favourite artists are doing. I would play as many shows as you can, I would venture out of your comfort zone. I would tour in places that you have never been before.
I would have a game plan, on paper, that states your goals and how long it will take to get them, month to moth, year to year etc. Also, practice, practice, practice. There is no right or wrong way in this business. You just have to "do"!

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