Quick chat with Lagwagon

Lagwagon are back with a fucking amazing new album, Hang, and I caught up with the boys online to ask a few questions about the record and a few other things... check it out!

What (/who) is the intro off the new album about? 
It is written to people of faith of most origins. I find it disturbing, the lack of accountability people of faith are willing to have. We all create our problems but they can forego guilt. Faith absolves us of responsibility for our actions or lack there of. Many people find comfort in the belief that we are here temporarily and have some place to go in afterlife. They believe there are larger forces then nature. So many believe they can not have happiness or even compassion and practice good deeds without help from their faith. I rarely see evidence of the modern good samaritan. It is less and less important for us to coexist and have empathy. Especially if the faithful believe there will be salvation for their dedication alone and sadly, the worse things get, the more the faithful will see a confirmation of their God’s will and they may be righteously justified in their fears and for their actions. They seem to find apathy rather then empathy. They may react with worship rather than good will. It’s a conflict of interest and a complete disregard for our children, other species and our planet’s future.

What’s the significance of the new title, Hang? It seems like a title Chuck Palahniuk would choose for a book..  
I just think it's a powerful word with multiple meaning and imagery

When you get the band together to record after so many years do you have to work out the kinks again or does everything just come back so naturally despite any individual growth or changes? 
That's an interesting question. In general we don't calculate or force our creativity so, by default, we will always be in a place where there is synergy and  chemistry when we choose to record new music. I always say that there is a collective identity at any point in time or state of a band and sometimes it takes years to find it but, it is always worth the wait.

In my opinion, and from what I read the opinion shared by almost every fan who has commented about it, Hang is a fucking masterpiece of an album, did you guys feel that way about it when you finished it? 
Thank you. We did feel that we had made something special. Everyone in the band was very pleased with the result of our work. I am sure that we have never been this happy with any record we made in the past.

Is it hard for you to relinquish the recording duties to somebody else when you’re doing recording yourself through One Week Records and have your own studio and everything? 
Not really. My studio is not equipped to record drums the way The Blasting Room is. I do co-produce the entire time but these people we work with are seasoned and amazing at what they do. I look at the value of an objective producer and I can't imagine not taking a leap of faith there. If you trust someone there opinion can sway you and that leads to a more well-rounded thought through product.

I read something somewhere about the possibility of a Lagwagon documentary, can you expand any more on that? 
We have been working on one for years. There was a bit of it included in the pre-order package of "Hang". It is a work in process but there is still a lot to be done.

What are some newer bands that have caught your ear recently?
To name a few, The Dirty Nil, Toy Guitar, Library, Dave Hause

There’s an interview with punknews where you talk about wanting to play Hang front to back, but you guys go on to discuss how to make all fans happy by playing their old favourites too… did you happen to catch any of the comments on that interview from fans saying they really hope you guys do play the new album in full and does that then affect your set list for this upcoming tour?
Yes, we are playing 7 to 8 songs from "Hang" now. That's 3 to 4 more than before with any previous album. I can hear the passion when we play a new song. It feels great. We did a show where we played the album in sequence top to bottom for a record release party but, it would take too much of any given set normally.

Do you follow comments and stuff like that online? Does that stuff matter to you?  
Not always. I do find it helpful when routing a tour or making a set list for a special event though.It matters of course but, it also matters that we are inspired. No one wants to a band phoning it in.

Catch the band on tour:
11/20/14 Green Bay, WI Green Bay Distillery
11/21/14 Chicago, IL The Bottom Lounge
11/22/14 Detroit, MI Magic Stick
11/23/14 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar
11/25/14 Cleveland, OH Grog Shop
11/26/14 Buffalo, NY Town Ballroom
11/27/14 London, ON Canada Call The Office
11/28/14 Toronto, ON Canada Opera House
11/29/14 Ottawa, ON Canada Ritual
11/30/14 Montreal, QC Canada Olympia Theatre
12/01/14 Quebec City, QC Canada Imperial
12/03/14 Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall
12/04/14 Philadelphia, PA Theatre Of Living Arts
12/05/14 New York City, NY The Gramercy Theatre
12/06/14 Asbury Park, NJ Stone Pony
12/07/14 Washington, DC Black Cat
12/09/14 St. Louis, MO Firebird
12/11/14 Denver, CO Summit Music Hall
01/17/15 Los Angeles, CA The Fonda Theatre

06/13/15 Interlaken, Switzerland Greenfield Festivals